The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 239 - Penetrate – Blend In

Chapter 239 - Penetrate – Blend In

The most awkward one among them had got to be Jiang Weiwei.

She had mocked Yun Jian for choosing the butterfly knife as her weapon. Now that she thought about it, she was the clown, was she not?

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Jiang Weiwei froze a little before tossing her pistol on the table and grabbed a small Swiss knife from her backpack to stuff it into her pocket.

The pistol was too obvious, they were unable to bring it, but a knife was different.

Moreover, they were only checking out the situation tonight. It was not the start of their operation yet.

"Let’s go." Yun Jian looked over and headed out first, her tight and secured ponytail swishing behind.

It was directed to Jiang Weiwei. Although Yun Jian did not quite like her, she would not be bothered by the girl during the mission as long as she did not do anything over the line.

Jiang Weiwei did not reply to her words but she followed her out.

When Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei left, Liu Shiyun and the remaining members did not sit around either.

"Let’s split up in teams to probe around what the residents know about the Go-Flying Club and the Steel Lock Mob. We gather back here an hour later," Liu Shiyun told the rest of the members.

The group separated swiftly.

People in Province H of Country X spoke Mandarin too. Only a minority were influenced by foreign languages. Hence, a language barrier was not an obstacle.

On the other end, Yun Jian dashed in the dark, her long hair swinging into a beautiful curve as she ran in the night. Behind her, Jiang Weiwei sprinted with all her might and barely caught up with her.

Nonetheless, Jiang Weiwei’s speed was commendable. If it had been someone else, they would have long been left behind.

The information they were given included the locations of Go-Flying Club and Steel Lock Mob’s den. Any more than that, however, was not detailed. They had to discover additional information on their own.

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Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei decided to probe in Go-Flying Club first because it was a bigger gang than the Steel Lock Mob.

The den of the Go-Flying Club was situated in the busiest street of Province H.

In Country X, the size of a province was more or less the size of a town in Country Z.

A five-story tall modernized building at the corner of the street marked its visibility among the rounds of shabby houses.

This was where Go-Flying Club’s joint was.

At the entrance of the building, two men stood guarding. One was tall and another was short, both of them watching the bustling people in front of the door.

Entering the building that was Go-Flying Club’s lair, the ground and first floor’s lobby were both premium casinos.

"How are we going in?" Jiang Weiwei would still ask for Yun Jian’s opinion during necessary times. They were a team now. Even when Jiang Weiwei did not like Yun Jian, she would not act alone.

"What do you think?" Yun Jian glanced at the girl.

"Barge in?" Jiang Weiwei said with a sharp gaze, her hand pressed on her pocket that held the Swiss knife.

"Blend in." Yun Jian threw her another glance.

After that, she mussed up her own hair and tore her clothes to make them look ragged. She even swiped some mud and dirt to rub on her clothes and fair face, before she left the darkness and headed toward the building.

Jiang Weiwei was nonplussed but she followed what Yun Jian did, making herself grimy, and went forward with her.

"Who are you?" The tall man stopped Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei in front of the brightly lit casino entrance.

"Mister, we’re here to find our dad. He took away the last of our family’s savings to gamble here. We’re starved for two days, we’re so hungry. Mom is sick too. We have nothing to eat. We can only come to look for our father. Can you let us in to find him, mister?"

Yun Jian held Jiang Weiwei as she spoke, feigning a pitying look as she looked at the tall guard, blinking like a poor soul.

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