The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 240 - Hitting On Her And Making A Bet

Chapter 240 - Hitting On Her And Making A Bet

It was unmistakable that Yun Jian’s acting was superb.

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As a secret agent in her past life, she had received specific training.

A secret agent must not only have a lethal strike, one that could end the target’s life in a single blow, they must also be able to blend in the crowd so that they can end the target’s life in a single strike when the target was the least defensive and suspicious.

This was undoubtedly what Yun Jian was the best in.

And she was planning to do just that here.

Perhaps it was her accent that mirrored the locals of Country X’s Province H, her piteous look and her torn clothes – Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei were thin to start with, so they actually looked like poor people who had starved for a long time, the tall guard softened. He took a moment to discuss with the short man and both of them let the girls in.

Jiang Weiwei had only snapped with realization when she entered the building that Yun Jian was so skilled in acting! Of course, they would never be suspected when they came in like this.

Yun Jian merely wore a smile. Entering the building and making a turn to leave the field of vision of the two men guarding the door, Yun Jiang made a beeline to the nearest washroom.

Fortunately, there was no one in the corridor. Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei sneaked into the washroom together.

Washing the dirt on her face briskly, Yun Jian retied her hair. Jiang Weiwei mimicked her actions. Yun Jian patted her clothes down too, smoothing away the dirt on it with some water. She then cleaned herself up and instantly, she transformed, like the forlorn little girl before was just an illusion.

The torn clothes picked up a distressed style on Yun Jian. There was a fashionable sense despite the holes.

Jiang Weiwei was befuddled.


Without waiting for her, Yun Jian was already making her way to the casino on the first floor. Jiang Weiwei quickly followed after patting the dirt off herself.

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Gamblers grouped up in front of different tables on the first floor, shouting and cheering, painting a rowdy picture of a casino.

No one noticed Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei’s arrival. – Well, not exactly no one.

Yun Jian was too pretty for her own good. Even without makeup, her skin was glowing and radiant, soft and supple like a newborn.

"Hey, beautiful, you alone?" A man who was relatively handsome wearing a crewcut walked over to strike up a conversation with Yun Jian.

"No, I’m with my friend." Yun Jian smiled easily and pointed to Jiang Weiwei.

She was just wondering how she could blend in this place without a trace when someone hit on her. What a timely flirt.

The man glimpsed at Jiang Weiwei in slight awkwardness, apologetic that he did not notice her just now, before he extended his hand to Yun Jian to introduce. "I’m Mi Lun."

"You can call me Xiao Li. She’s Xiao Xue." Yun Jian did not take his handshake but had made up names, introducing themselves to Mi Lun without giving away any clue that she was currently lying.

"Oh, nice to meet you girls!" Mi Lun retracted his hand easily and made a 45 degrees bow, a seemingly gentlemanly way to express his amiability.

"So, what games are you pretty girls looking for here in the casino?" Mi Lun asked and scanned Yun Jian from head to toe again, his gaze n.a.k.e.d with l.u.s.t.

A lecher indeed.

Yun Jian pretended like she did not notice anything. Blinking, she asked innocently, "What games do you have?"

Mi Lun was one of the people in charge of the casino, thrilled when he heard what Yun Jian said. He looked like he was going to undress Yun Jian with his eyes, thinking that it had been a long time since he got to lay his finger on an innocent schoolgirl like this!

"Want to make a bet? I’ll do what you say if I lose and you’ll do what I say if I win," Mi Lun coaxed.

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