The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 241 - God Of Gamblers. Going Easy On You

Chapter 241 - God Of Gamblers. Going Easy On You

"I can ask for anything if I win?" Yun Jian blinked, her guileless smile making Mi Lun itch.

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Jiang Weiwei kept quiet while standing on the side. She was well aware that she would probably expose herself with just one sound given she was in the same situation, yet Yun Jian could keep her pretense so well!

Despite not liking Yun Jian in the beginning, Jiang Weiwei had to give her applause as she wouldn’t even believe it if Yun Jian told her she was a trained Special Forces!

Therefore, Jiang Weiwei kept to herself. Their mission was to raid the armament.

They were still on the mission right now and Yun Jian was her teammate. No matter how much she disliked her, she would never sabotage her. If Yun Jian accidentally exposed herself now, Jiang Weiwei was even going to help her instead.

"Of course! As a man, I’d never lie!" Mi Lun assured with a pat on his c.h.e.s.t before he softened his tone to continue persuading Yun Jian. "Especially cute girls like you, how could I even!"

Yun Jian could not help rolling her eyes at the flirty words, even Jiang Weiwei thought that Mi Lun was galling. None of them showed it, however.

"But I don’t know how to play. What should we do?" Yun Jian said, glimpsing at the group of gamblers on the other side.

Mi Lun who was completely smitten by Yun Jian, really believing that Yun Jian had never gambled, happy that he was going to get his way. He chuckled and spent more effort in beguiling the girl. "It’s okay, I’ll teach you. Besides, if you lose, I won’t ask for too much."

Of course, it would not be anything too much! Mi Lun had it all planned out. He was going to make Yun Jian lose and trap her one step at a time, the last step going to bed with him! That was his real motive!

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He was confident that he was going to successfully charm and trick a naïve schoolgirl like her!

Nonetheless, Mi Lun would have spat blood from all the indignation and rage if he had known that Yun Jian was pretending to be an innocent schoolgirl who did not know how to gamble. When truthfully she not only was Slaying God, top of the secret agent chart in her past life, she had also never met a worthy rival in gambling. She was the God of Gamblers as addressed honorably by all the famous gambling masters.

Yun Jian earned the title of "God of Gamblers" in her previous life. It happened when she gambled all night in an internationally renowned casino, Mega Casino, and won the casino’s entire month’s worth of profit – one billion US dollars! She thus earned the title when Mega Casino had to plead and bow and scr.a.p.e for her to leave.

"Okay...’ Yun Jian feigned dilemma when she nodded.

Mi Lun felt excited when Yun Jian agreed. From her expression, he was even more positive that this was Yun Jian’s first time gambling.

Could there be any uncertainty about the game’s result then? He was going to win without a doubt!

"Here, come on, we’ll have a game there." Mi Lun led Yun Jian to a game table and kicked the gamblers who were crowding there before courteously inviting her to take a seat.

"Since darling Xiao Li is playing for the first time, let’s bet on a game of dice!"

Mi Lun spoke as he placed three dice in front of Yun Jian and covered them with a bowl.

He told her confidently like he was an expert, "You go first, honey Xiao Li. I’ll let you test it out!"

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