The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 242 - Penetrating Mi Lun’s Trap

Chapter 242 - Penetrating Mi Lun’s Trap

He was starting to call her name flirtatiously too. It was evident that Mi Lun was a flirting veteran, especially with young naïve girls.

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Yun Jian smirked unnoticeably, keeping an innocent and adorable mien in front of Mi Lun.

Jiang Weiwei could not help grimacing but it was lucky that Mi Lun’s attention was not on her. Otherwise, she would have been spotted and exposed a long while ago.

"So I... shake this bowl?" Yun Jian continued feigning ignorance, a gambling newbie she was.

"Yes, shake the three dices in the bowl then we’ll guess if it’s Big or Small." Mi Lun’s crescent eyes were turning into slits, patiently explaining as he genuinely thought that Yun Jian did not know how to play the game.

A dice had six surfaces and there were one to six dots respectively on each side. Players would place their bet before the dice were shaken. Covered by the bowl and shaken under it, they then flipped the bowl open to see the sum of the dice. This was one of the games of chance in the casino, Sic bo.

Mi Lun explained the game to Yun Jian with patience, side-eyeing her like she was a prey caught in his palm as he asked with a smirk, "Xiao Li, dear, do you understand now?"

"Yup." Yun Jian nodded at Mi Lun, looking like she was struck with enlightenment.

"Let us start then." Mi Lun squinted and asked in a lecherous tone, "Sweetie, Xiao Li, Big or Small?"

"Big," Yun Jian said, narrowing her eyes.

Since Mi Lun was going easy on her this round, there was no reason for her to reject his "kindness".

"Big? Are you sure, honey? You’ll lose if you bet on Big! Are you still betting on Big?" Mi Lun spoke loudly with the corner of his eyes glimpsing to the side.

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"I’m sure." Yun Jian’s eyes were squinted as well when her hand went to hold onto the bowl that covered the three dices.

Mi Lun was tinkering with the equipment.

There was, in fact, an adjusting device inside the bowl, installed by Mi Lun. The three dice inside it could be manipulated to show either Big or Small. If Yun Jian was going for Big, the dice in the bowl would become Small; if Yun Jian went for Small, the dice would adjust to become Big.

Whatever it was, she would never win.

The person manipulating the adjusting device inside the bowl was just around them. Coincidentally, Yun Jian caught Mi Lun’s sideway glimpse.

Following his gaze, she saw a man holding a square remote control beside a barely noticeable washroom farther away. It was the remote control that could tamper with the dice in the bowl in front of her.

Mi Lun had asked her loudly if she was betting on Big. He was probably relaying the information to the man with the remote control some distance away. It was so that the man could rig the dice to Small.

Casinos hosted a variety of people but the operators would make sure they made money, so they usually had their own way of rigging or manipulating the games.

Mi Lun was probably thinking of winning her using the same approach, but Yun Jian had seen through it.

"Xiao Li, darling, shake the dice then," Mi Lun purred as he gestured.

"Hold on," Yun Jian stopped suddenly. She looked awkward and embarrassed as she told Mi Lun, "I need to go. I’ll be back after going to the washroom."

"Sure. Go ahead, sweetie. We’re in no hurry, haha!" Mi Lun consoled her generously, not noticing Yun Jian’s pretense. Thinking to himself that she was already his prize anyway, it was only a matter of time before he would lay his fingers on her!

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