The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 243 - Mi Lun Going Berserk. Being Surrounded

Chapter 243 - Mi Lun Going Berserk. Being Surrounded

Yun Jian got up and gave Jiang Weiwei a discreet look before she left toward the washroom.

The latter was surprised but she was not stupid. Other than her over-competitiveness, she was a smart girl. Her skills truly did stand out amongst other Special Forces candidates.

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Jiang Weiwei understood the situation swiftly but she did not wear any change of expression since she was facing Mi Lun.

Brushing past Jiang Weiwei, Yun Jian moved toward the washroom and exited it after a while, as if nothing happened. In spite of it, the remote control that the man who stood beside the washroom had been toying with had suddenly malfunctioned.

No one realized that the moment Yun Jian had walked over, the remote control was spoiled trash!

When Yun Jian got back to Mi Lun and sat down flinging her wet hands, her fair little face looked beguiling.

Mi Lun swallowed, feeling his d.e.s.i.r.e roused.

"Xiao Li, can we start?" he could not help urging.

"Okay." Yun Jian took a tissue and wiped her small delicate hands like a preppy girl and smiled at Mi Lun.

With her palm resting on the lid, the three dice in the bowl clanked around inside like a few tiny balls when she shook it.

Yun Jian stopped after shaking them twice.

She grinned at Mi Lun while the latter was already eagerly flipping the lid open. He could not wait to see Yun Jian lose to him and he could then make his request that was "not too much".

Mi Lun was already speaking with a crooked smirk, "Xiao Li, my dear, there’s actually a trick to playing Sic bo, but it’s your first time playing. It’s normal to lose, I can understand..."

When he dropped his last word and opened the bowl with smiling eyes, the sum of the surfaces of the three dice facing up was presented to everyone.

Five! Five! Six!

It was Big! It was actually Big!

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It meant that Yun Jian won!

Mi Lun was frozen by his action of opening the lid. He was utterly stupefied.

"I won! Are you following my request and letting me ask for something?" Yun Jian winked and beamed, saying, "You promised."

Jiang Weiwei beside them was bewildered, witnessing in disbelief.

She did not expect Yun Jian to win. How could she know how to gamble too!

Mi Lun’s face dropped immediately as he scowled.

No one knew what it meant.

He had the rigging device inside the bowl. There was no way he could lose! The only possibility was that... Could it be...

His "darling Xiao Li" here had already seen through all of it?

Mi Lun was not slow-witted. He did not solely depend on brute force in becoming one of the people in charge of the Go-Flying Club’s casino, he was all brains too.

He suddenly recalled Yun Jian’s trip to the washroom just now.

Keeping his expression, he stood up with a slap on the table and glared at Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei. He then glowered abruptly before flipping the game table and shouted, "Catch both of them!"

Yun Jian was unfazed at Mi Lun’s outburst. She had been testing him.

If he had been stupid, she could naturally probe about the armament. It was too bad he was not.

Squinting her eyes, Yun Jian watched as the gamblers scurried out of the casino in panic as a bunch of people carrying guns charged out from the back of the building, without batting an eye. Jiang Weiwei, on the other hand, paled.

The mafias here were unlike the mafias back in Country Z. The gangs here were armed! It was different to Country Z where the nation prohibited firearms so the smaller gangsters at most fought with weapons like metal bars and whatnot.

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