The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 244 - Mi Lun’s Underling, What Did You Say?

Chapter 244 - Mi Lun’s Underling, What Did You Say?

Go-Flying Club’s members who were armed proceeded to surround Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei with Mi Lun in the center, all of them pointing their pistols at the girls.

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Even when she was born into a family with generations of soldiers and had sworn that she was not scared of making sacrifices since she was a little girl, Jiang Weiwei had still shuddered when she was faced with the guns.

Mi Lun who stood in front of them dropped his façade. He looked at Yun Jian smiling with a sneer, "My sweet Xiao Li, stop pretending. Hah, I thought that I could have fun with you since you’re pretty, but if you come with an ulterior motive, don’t blame us for not welcoming you then!"

Mi Lun had long been advised by the boss of the Go-Flying Club. Caution must be heeded when they come into contact with any suspicious person, especially as their armament dealing with Steel Lock Mob approached.

When Mi Lun noticed the anomaly just now, he kept quiet, only taking action when he was certain of it.

So Mi Lun was already prepared. There was a small smile hanging off the corners of Yun Jian’s lips.

Jiang Weiwei stood back to back against Yun Jian. Compared to the latter, it had never crossed her mind that they would be exposed. Mi Lun who looked like a lecher was not as simple as he seemed. He was not gullible at all!

It was frustrating that they had only blades with them while the many men who encircled them were equipped with pistols! Jiang Weiwei finally knew why Ge Junjian’s tone was grim and solemn when he sent them for the mission.

Regardless, Jiang Weiwei was ready to tackle what was coming her way. She never regretted the decisions that she made. At a crucial juncture like this, she would still forgo her personal grudges first.

Leaning toward Yun Jian’s back, she asked the girl in a b.a.r.e whisper, "What do we do?"

"Listen to my instruction," Yun Jian answered her briefly in an equally low tone.

Their interaction remained discreet, unnoticed by Mi Lun and his men.

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Mi Lun cackled.

On the side, his underling suggested, "Mr. Mi Lun, these two girls are probably spies from the police, right? Hah, they should check how much they’re worth first before coming to offend Go-Flying Club! Why don’t we teach them a little lesson, do them here, let our members have some fun? What do you think? Hmm? Hahah!"

Gamblers who did not dare run away lined the walls of the casino.

The words of Mi Lun’s lackey stirred the thirst of his other underlings. It must feel exhilarating to get it on with the girls in public, under everyone’s watchful gaze.

"How dare you! Aren’t you scared of our people revenging for us!?" Jiang Weiwei spat through gritted teeth. She was prepared for the sacrifice, the courage of a fearless soldier ran deep in her, but she would rather kill herself if her death had to come from humiliating disgrace like this.

Before Mi Lun spoke, his lackey mocked Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei.

"Why are we scared? Pft, you really think the Go-Flying Club is an ordinary gang? That we’d be afraid of your men?"

As Mi Lun’s underling continued boasting, he exaggerated Go-Flying Club’s superiority with another example.

"Do you know the top secret agent of the international secret agent ranking, Slaying God? Hmph, you two wouldn’t know her judging by how young you are!"

"Let me tell you! Even dealing with the case of the almighty secret agent, Slaying God’s younger brother’s abduction and her later disappearance because of the kidnapping, had to do with the Go-Flying Club! Are we superior or are we superior? Someone so renowned is beneath..."

The man was caught up in his boasting, looking proud as if it was disrespectful if others did not know that he was from the Go-Flying Club. In fact, he did not know the truth of what he said. What he heard was that Slaying God disappeared due to the matter and Go-Flying Club was one of the accomplices and he could not help blowing it out of proportions.

No one expected Yun Jian’s death stare when she heard the taunt.

"What did you say?" It was only when the man finished that Yun Jian’s unsettling voice sounded, like the eerie sounds of the devil, making one’s blood curdle.

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