The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 245 - Yun Jian’s Massacre. A Part Of History

Chapter 245 - Yun Jian’s Massacre. A Part Of History

Jiang Weiwei who stood back to back against Yun Jian could feel the latter’s waver when Mi Lun’s lackey crowded.

Others had no idea but what Yun Jian regretted the most in both her lives was not managing to protect her baby brother.

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She swore that she was going to investigate her brother’s death and it was not like she had not gone into it since her rebirth. Yet, the incident seemed to have been intentionally wiped off as she could not find an inkling of clue despite how long it had been.

Today, however, she managed to hear about it from a small-time underling in Go-Flying Club.

Her brother’s death involved the Go-Flying Club as well.

Rage consumed Yun Jian.

"What did I say? Pft, don’t you understand what I said, little girl? Hah, I said that the younger brother’s death of the top secret agent in this world, Slaying God, got to do with us Go-Flying Club. Slaying God’s prowess isn’t something we can imagine. So how’s that? Couldn’t it reflect our Go-Flying Club’s almighty..."

The last two syllables were stuck in his throat.

Before Mi Lun’s underling could finish shooting his mouth off, he dropped to the floor with a plop, dead.

Everyone was shell shocked by the sudden homicide.

There was a blade stabbed in the neck of the man who was unexpectedly killed. It went deep inside his neck, enough to kill him immediately.

Other than an assassin, it would have been a secret agent who could muster such strength.

As the men looked toward where the blade was thrown from, they saw Yun Jian leisurely toying with a dagger that had somehow reappeared in her hand.

"She killed him! Her – her dagger killed him!" A gambler shouted in panic, fear and terror at both the incident and Yun Jian apparent in his tone.

Mi Lun and his men were petrified by Yun Jian’s actions as well. No one saw her move but she had already killed the man!

"Kill her! Shoot both of them!" Mi Lun pointed fingers at Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei, shouting desperately at his men.

His idea of treating Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei as playthings were long gone.

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How menacing and terrorizing was someone who could kill somebody in front of everyone, yet nobody could see how she did it...

In spite of it, before Mi Lun could react, Yun Jian was already moving. She shuffled speedily among his underlings who were loading their pistols. Anywhere that she passed, someone succ.u.mbed to death.

When all of them died, one could see that they shared a similarity – their necks were stabbed with a blade!

Yun Jian held the butterfly knife that she somehow had wielded from behind her waist with blood dripping down the tip of it, stalking toward Mi Lun.

"So what if you have guns? You’re still trash if you don’t even know how to use a pistol!" Yun Jian spat.

At the same time, watched under the fearful gazes of the gamblers, Jiang Weiwei and Mi Lun, she stepped on a pistol that fell near her and made a stomp, causing the pistol to rebound and fall into her grip.

"Let me teach you how to use one!" Yun Jian spoke unnervingly with her gaze trained on Mi Lun.

She c.o.c.ked the firearm and pulled the trigger.

"Bang!" A bullet catapulted into Mi Lun’s t.h.i.g.h.

With a scream, he fell to the floor with a kneel.

"What – what do you want? Do you want the time and address of Go-Flying Club and Steel Lock Mob’s armament dealing? I – I’ll tell you all of it! Just let me go!" Mi Lun hurried to say despite the pain.

"Heh," Yun Jian sneered, wearing an eerie grin. "Too late. I changed my mind. Your Go-Flying Club will become a part of history!"

The sound of a bullet flying into flesh sounded as Mi Lun fell backward with his eyes widened.

Jiang Weiwei was completely dumbstruck when she saw it. She did not expect the extent of capability from Yun Jian!

They were faced with a group of mafia with guns! Yet, she killed all of them.

More importantly, Jiang Weiwei figured, Yun Jian began to react strangely when Mi Lun’s lackey mentioned Slaying God, the top secret agent.

Yun Jian’s current pseudonym was Slashing God. If one read it fast enough, both monikers sounded similar.

Could Yun Jian and the top ranking secret agent, Slaying God, be related?!

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