The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 246 - Listen, Your End

Chapter 246 - Listen, Your End

Jiang Weiwei was struck with doubt but she swiftly dismissed the thought.

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Even if Yun Jian was really related to the secret agent Slaying God, now was not the time for her to ponder about it.

Yun Jian had lashed out and killed so many people of the Go-Flying Club, it was impossible that the gang and Steel Lock Mob would let this pass.

It also meant that their mission would not go unnoticed by the gangs now. Their initial target was to first probe the time and venue of the firearm dealing between Go-Flying Club and Steel Lock Mob and then raided the armament as a whole team when both mafia groups were in the midst of the transaction.

Now that they had alerted one of the parties, it was foreseeable that both gangs would certainly change the location and time of their deal and even send more people for defense.

It was not like Jiang Weiwei disapproved of Yun Jian’s skill and what she did just now. When she saw how good she was, she even felt like chapping and cheering for her.

It was a fact that she looked down on the weak but she also respected the strong. When Jiang Weiwei saw Yun Jian’s swift and direct attack, her previous discontent and resentment toward her were already replaced by reverence and admiration.

"Let’s withdraw first?" Jiang Weiwei turned to ask Yun Jian.

Since they were already exposed, they could only step back and assemble with Liu Shiyun and others to discuss further plans.

Yun Jian merely narrowed her eyes without an answer.

Now that she found out about the Go-Flying Club being involved in her brother’s death, she would never leave just like that. She wanted the gang to pay the price of blood!

Simultaneously, she had something very important to ask the Go-Flying Club. She had been looking for the organization behind Wolf.Kill who had abducted her younger brother but it had been in vain. Until she had avenged her baby brother’s death, she would never get her peace.

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Today, she was going to annihilate the Go-Flying Club but not before she asked them about the identity of the organization behind the case!

"You can go and meet them up first." Yun Jian flicked her wrist and kept the butterfly knife before she walked up the stairs.

Jiang Weiwei was stunned before she automatically followed Yun Jian’s instruction and went to report the situation to Liu Shiyun and the team.

It was only after Jiang Weiwei and Yun Jian left that the gamblers stuck in the casino scrambled out, panic-stricken.

The fourth floor of the building, meeting room.

The Go-Flying Club did not only have its own building, it had a meeting room for the founding and high-ranking members of the gang.

Right now, a bald man seated in the main seat of the meeting room was staring at the mafia group’s high-ranking members sternly.

The bald man had thick eyebrows and a pair of small eyes, making up a sly look. He seemed like a small-time city gangster but he was actually Go-Flying Club’s boss, Nick.

Nick’s stern fierceness garnered the respect of his founding and high-ranking members.

"The armament with us has already attracted attention from police across the countries. We must be constantly alert in the following days until we see our deal with Steel Lock Mob through!" Nick said strictly with a frown and a slap on the table.

Before he could continue, the door right in front of him was kicked open.

A young girl with long flowy hair entered. Then, a dazzling dagger flew across the occupants’ heads and penetrated the rostrum in front of Nick.

The girl’s leering chuckle rang, shocking the men. "Still thinking of the firearms dealing? I’m afraid none of you will live to that day! Go-Flying Club’s execs, listen up now, there’s only one road for your lives today – death!"

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