The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 250 - Mission Accomplished. Going Back For The Divorce

Chapter 250 - Mission Accomplished. Going Back For The Divorce

Heavens knew how shocked everyone was when Yun Jian nodded.

She was the last to join the team and she was the youngest among them.

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With the previous off-road running, they could chalk it up to her being a talented sporty person with commendable physical strength so she came in first.

Now, no one was skeptical of her abilities.

Jiang Weiwei had elaborated and detailed how Yun Jian killed Mi Lun and his underlings when she came back. Now that Yun Jian admitted to killing Go-Flying’s high-ranking members and the mafia boss, Nick, all of them would believe her.

In spite of it, there was still a rush of disbelief, tremor, and fear that washed over them.

How proficient must Yun Jian be to be able to achieve such a feat?

"Now that Go-Flying is a mess, let’s raid the armament. Do you guys know how to drive? I went to check just now, the firearms are kept in trucks, four of them. I can drive one, you guys drive the other three," Yun Jian told the team.

Liu Shiyun replied immediately, "We can drive. Hong Fan, Fang Xiaoran and I have driving licenses. We’ll be okay driving trucks."

Outside, they addressed each other by their monikers but the effort was saved since they were in the room. Moreover, the most dangerous figures were now dead.

Liu Shiyun did not question why Yun Jian could drive a truck. To the team, she was already an almighty presence who could do anything. Without her, they might not even be able to complete the mission, forget about finishing it in less than a day.

Before they departed, Liu Shiyun contacted Ge Junjian. The team, led by Yun Jian, then went to steal the four trucks, their operations were smooth-sailing all the way. When they had driven out of the location, Ge Junjian who was notified earlier had already sent someone to pick them up.

The team returned to their home country through the night and arrived at Longmen City near evening the next day, meeting Ge Junjian at first notice.

Seeing Ge Junjian who they had just bid goodbye to yesterday but meeting today, the youngsters could not help feeling proud of themselves.

A mission that even the Advance Special Forces found difficult to complete was accomplished by them in less than a day and they were now back!

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How could they not bask in the delight?

Although, their pride came from Yun Jian. Hence, the team was grateful to her inwardly.

The first thing Ge Junjian said when he met the kids was "You guys have worked hard".

No one saw a change in his expression but they could sense his emotional state.

Ge Junjian was right in his judgment of Yun Jian!

In spite of it, it was not a wonder that someone who could kill Wolf Blade, assassin ranked tenth globally, to have done this.

"Take the next few days off. I’ve already informed your schools," Ge Junjian continued to say.

"Also, the higher-up will reward you guys for the accomplished mission. You will be notified then."

After Ge Junjian was done, Yun Jian and the others were sent home.

Just as Yun Jian got home, she saw Qin Yirou who was not at work packing up a big pile of items and stuffing them into an old bag, about to head out carrying it.

"Mom, where are you going?" Yun Jian asked.

"Xiao Jian, you’re back?" Qin Yirou looked up at her tiredly and let out a humorless chuckle. "Your dad went back to Xinjiang Town. I’m planning to look for him with my doc.u.ments and sign the divorce papers to go through with the separation."

Yun Gang had returned to Xinjiang Town?

Yun Jian frowned to herself. She spoke up without hesitation to Qin Yirou, "I’ll go with you, mom!"

She was worried that Yun Gang and her so-called grandmother, the domineering Lu Lanhua, would bully Qin Yirou if she did not follow her back. Or worse, they would disagree with divorcing Yun Gang.

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