The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 251 - Her Aunt’s Visit

Chapter 251 - Her Aunt’s Visit

Qin Yirou did not refuse her. After what happened previously, she no longer treated Yun Jian like a kid. In addition, she was not confident in going back alone.

After all, it was not a given that the divorce would go through easily if they ended up in discord with her unreasonable mother-in-law.

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Yun Jian company gave her a sense of assurance.

"Sure!" Qin Yirou gave a definite nod. "Let’s take the bus there now then."

"Mm," Yun Jian hummed her agreement and took the bag from Qin Yirou. "Mom, let me."

Warm hearted from Yun Jian’s actions, Qin Yirou loosened her grip and allowed Yun Jian to pick up the bag in her grasp.

They then boarded the bus back to Xinjiang Town at the station.

It was the last bus in winter. Qin Yirou was planning to head home today and stay the night at her birth home and visit her family too, before completing the divorce with Yun Gang at the Civil Affairs Bureau in town the next day.

The reason she was going back so late was because she finished work in the evening. Not planning to work overtime at night, Qin Yirou applied for leave the next morning. Once she completed the divorce procedure, she would rush back for work, so she would only let half of her workday go to waste.

As for her plan to stay the night in her birth home, she had to be filial to her mother. Her family members were not the nicest to her but they were family after all, and her mother was the one who took care of her growing up. No matter how bad they were treating her, she must not lose her filial piety.

Yun Jian and Qin Yirou had only arrived in Xinjiang Town by the time the sun had set and it was dark.

Qin Yirou carried a large bag of fruits home but opening the door to her house and scanning the vicinity, there was no one home.

"Your grandma and the rest aren’t home I guess," Qin Yirou muttered softly to herself.

Yun Jian did not want to come here actually, given what Zhang Meihua and family had done to her and Qin Yirou.

Regardless, it was still Qin Yirou’s mother. She should still honor her and be filial. At most, she would minimize meeting them or getting in touch in the future.

Right as Qin Yirou spoke, a few people came in through the gate.

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Zhang Meihua and others were carrying vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat back from the market like they were going to host a feast.

The few of them were beaming but their carefree smiles froze the moment they saw Yun Jian and Qin Yirou, their faces replaced by terror.

Zhang Meihua, specifically, paled when she saw Yun Jian. Dear god, why was her petrifying granddaughter here again!

The last time Yun Jian had thrown a flying dagger at them and penetrating the wall, was still a fresh memory in their mind. Zhang Meihua who peed her pants from the horror, especially, still felt a chill running down her back when she recalled it today.

"You – you... Why are you guys here?" Zhang Meihua was horrified. She took a few steps back, her gaze at Yun Jian fearful.

Qin Laiqian was just behind Zhang Meihua and was staring at Yun Jian in equal fear. It was like he was looking at some monster.

If others had seen the situation, they would probably laugh out loud.

After all, Zhang Meihua and Qin Laiqian were Yun Jian’s grandmother and uncle respectively. The panic and fear that they showed when they saw Yun Jian was mind-boggling.

"Mom, don’t be scared. Xiao Jian and I are back today for a visit. I’ll be divorcing Yun Gang in the morning tomorrow and was thinking of staying the night here with you. Here are some fruits, I picked them with Xiao Jian at the fruit stall beside the station. They’re fresh, so we got them for all of you." Qin Yirou placed the fruits on the table.

Zhang Meihua had long felt Yun Jian’s threatening gaze. How would she dare chase them out? The last lesson she was taught was impossible to forget!

"Sure, stay the night, feel free of course!" Zhang Meihua answered with a gulp after glancing at Yun Jian.

Qin Yirou smiled at the reply.

It was her mother after all. Even if her mother disliked her, she did not want them to become her enemies.

"Right, mom, are you guys having a guest with so many things bought?" Qin Yirou took a glimpse at the handfuls of things that her family members were carrying.

Zhang Meihua who had recovered a little did not act as unreasonable as prior. It was probably due to her fear of Yun Jian as her tone was much gentler. "Fangfang’s coming back today to visit."

Fangfang, Yun Jian’s aunt, Qin Yirou’s younger sister.

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