The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 252 - The Closest To Her. Auntie’s Homecoming

Chapter 252 - The Closest To Her. Auntie’s Homecoming

Qin Yirou beamed at the knowledge of Qin Fangfang coming home.

Qin Fangfang was the only one in their generation to have gotten into a university. Among her peers, her academic results had always been the best.

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People who could be accepted into universities were scarce in Qin Yirou’s generation. That was why the countryside folks always believed that a bright future lied ahead of the kids who could enter university.

Qin Fangfang was no doubt one of those kids. She was accepted by a prestigious university in another province and thrived thereafter completing her studies. After that, she met an affluent boyfriend and got married to him, rarely coming back once in a year.

Out of everyone in the Qin Family, Qin Fangfang was the closest to Qin Yirou. Both sisters were tightly knitted that they shared secrets.

It was just that Qin Fangfang did not have much time to come back when she happened to study, work, and got married in another province, so the close sisterhood slowly faded with time.

When Zhang Meihua was informed that her youngest daughter was coming home for a visit, her smile threatened to split her face in half. Her youngest daughter had always been her pride.

She excelled in her studies from a young age. Not only did she get into a prestigious university, but she also married a rich man! It was said that her husband’s worth millions of yuan! His family could even afford a small car!

Anyone who could afford to drive around a car in this era was guaranteed to be a rich man.

"Honk! Honk!" Not a while later, the honking of a car sounded outside.

Zhang Meihua ran out quickly once she heard it while Qin Yirou took Yun Jian along with her and went out too.

A black Santana was seen driving over honking all the way to the house. Neighbors who were at home came out when they heard the continuous pressing of the car horn, watching in envy. There was even someone who shouted pointing at the Santana sedan, "Look, it’s a sedan, it’s someone rich!"

A small town like Xinjiang Town rarely saw the presence of a car in this decade. Even if there was one, it was usually a richer folk who worked outside, driving it back when he came back.

As things were, there were probably one or two households in the town who could afford a car. Therefore, when Zhang Meihua heard praises from her neighbors, she was grinning in pride.

That was her son-in-law’s car!

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The car drove all the way to the house blaring its horn, in a truly parading manner.

The door to the passenger seat opened and out walked a woman who was dressed trendily.

"Mom! Sis! You guys are all here!" The woman exclaimed in delight when she saw Zhang Meihua and Qin Yirou.

The modernly dressed woman was Qin Fangfang, younger sister to Qin Yirou and Yun Jian’s aunt for this life.

Qin Fangfang made her way to Qin Yirou in delighted surprise and raked her eyes all over her before a frown took place and dulled her radiant face.

"Sis, you got thinner," Qin Fangfang commented in worry.

"Not at all. I’m the same as the last time we met!" Qin Yirou chuckled dryly, salvaging the atmosphere first.

"You need to take care of yourself more!" Qin Fangfang advised instead.

Then, she noticed Yun Jian who stood beside Qin Yirou and stared at her before gasping, "This is Xiao Jian, right? She’s all grown up now!"

"Xiao Jian, this is your aunt. Say hello." Qin Yirou nudged her daughter.

Seeing that Qin Fangfang seemed nice to Qin Yirou, Yun Jian’s first impression of the woman was good.

"Auntie," she called out.

"Hey! Good girl!" Qin Fangfang beamed.

"Oh gosh, what is this forsaken place – it’s so impoverished! Fangfang, come over here now!" A lavishly dressed woman in her fifties or sixties came down from the car. She wore luxury branded leather and fur and her tone of speech was pompous.

She was Qin Fangfang’s mother-in-law, Zhu Hengxiang. The man standing beside her looking proper was Qin Fangfang’s husband, Sun Baiwen.

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