The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 253 - Come To The Biggest Auto Show

Chapter 253 - Come To The Biggest Auto Show

Zhu Hengxiang was in her fifties but she took great care of her skin. Smooth and supple, she looked more like she was in her thirties or forties. She did not look old at all.

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She was glowing with radiance as well, gracious for someone her age. It was easy to guess that she must have been a beauty in her youth.

Nonetheless, what came out of her mouth was not as pleasant.

Qin Fangfang smiled awkwardly and could only run back to help her mother-in-law.

It was Zhu Hengxiang’s first time in Xinjiang Town. She had been reluctant to come but for some reason, she insisted on tagging along today. In addition to her dominance, she did not look like she was worth welcoming.

"Oh, my dear in-law, you’re here! Xiao Wen too, welcome!" Zhang Meihua put on her signature grin and went over to them.

She had met Zhu Hengxiang before. She had personally gone out of the province back then to discuss Qin Fangfang and Sun Baiwen’s wedding.

"Hold back on the in-law!" Zhu Hengxiang did not take well to Zhang Meihua. She muttered under her breath after that, "Oh my, oh my, this place is horrible. It’s deplorable and small! I really wonder how people live here..."

Zhu Hengxiang grew up in a wealthy family, the typical rich man’s daughter, and mingled among the middle and upper class ever since. She had always looked down on people who lived in the lowest base of the pyramid.

She quite liked Qin Fangfang as her daughter-in-law, but there was a time when she disregarded the relationship with her son when she heard about her family background.

Sun Baiwen was utterly in love with Qin Fangfang, though, even announcing that he was not going to marry anyone else but her in this lifetime. Scared that her son was really going to follow through his vow and the Sun Family would have no heir, it was only then Zhu Hengxiang gave in, albeit reluctantly.

Zhang Meihua and the rest who heard Zhu Hengxiang’s grouse cracked an awkward smile.

Sun Baiwen did too.

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Unlike Zhu Hengxiang, her son Sun Baiwen was nice and gentlemanly, not one to point out somebody’s shortcomings explicitly.

"Mom-in-law, we have matters to tend to in Longmen City and thought that we could visit you guys on the way. Fangfang picked out a lot of gifts. They’re all in the trunk. Brother Qian can get them out with me," Sun Baiwen said.

"Oh, hey, sure! Laiqian, go fetch them with Xiao Wen! Quickly!" Zhang Meihua’s grin came back and she even patted Qin Laiqian to hurry him along.

Qin Yirou who had been ignored on the side smiled awkwardly while Yun Jian narrowed her eyes but said nothing.

With Qin Yirou’s help, dinner was served with a table full of dishes.

In spite of it, Zhu Hengxiang had still complained, "These are all?"

It fl.u.s.tered Zhang Meihua again. They were usually reluctant to have such generous and scrumptious wine and food.

"Right, Xiao Wen, is there a reason for you guys to go to Longmen City?" Zhang Meihua asked when she ardently refilled rice for Sun Baiwen for the third time.

Qin Fangfang and her husband were rarely back. Zhu Hengxiang, especially, was never one to come over. It was understandable that Zhang Meihua was curious.

"There is." Sun Baiwen smiled and stroked his head saying, "We heard that there’s a car show in Longmen City recently. Hearsay is that the scale is the largest one in the whole country! Hundreds to thousands of cars on exhibition! Something like this hasn’t happened ever in decades! Our family is running a car business too, so we’re here to take a look since we hear so much about it!"

Zhang Meihua knew that Sun Baiwen’s family started their first business with a car dealership too.

"Is it true? Longmen City has an auto show of this scale? How much money must they’ve spent to host one of these!" Qin Laiqian chorused.

A car show in Longmen City. Yun Jian felt her eye twitch when she heard it. It seemed that Zhang Zhifan had done his publicizing job. People from other provinces had heard about it too.

With a smirk, Yun Jian continued to stay silent.

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