The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 254 - A Janitor Who Has Invitations

Chapter 254 - A Janitor Who Has Invitations

Truth was, Zhang Zhifan had already set up the shop and simultaneously reserved a large area to display the vehicles.

The auto show was five days later.

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As for the relevant crew and subsequent arrangement, the man was also done with the preparations.

Yun Jian had left New Cruise to Zhang Zhifan’s management without worrying about him and it was evident that the latter did not disappoint.

"Of course it’s true! The publicity of the auto show is huge, there are hundreds to thousands of cars! You’ll be able to see any car you can name in the exhibition!" Sun Baiwen answered fervently.

He roused a bout of gasps with his answer.

Zhu Hengxiang scoffed once more when she saw what happened, thinking that these were country bumpkins.

The dinner continued with men and women chatting amongst themselves.

Qin Yirou and Qin Fangfang who had not met each other for a long time were engrossed in catching up with each other.

Yun Jian, on the other hand, stuffed herself full of fish and meat, not uttering a single word.

"Sigh." Sun Baiwen was then heard sighing as he lamented, "It’s a pity that the car show organized requires an invitation. It’s not open to anyone who wants in."

Qin Fangfang grew morose as well when she saw Sun Baiwen’s disappointed gaze.

"Don’t be let down. We still have five days before the show. We can go ask around how one receives an invitation. If nothing works, it’s fine to have a look outside of the auto show too. At least we’d see something!" Qin Fangfang paused her conversation with Qin Yirou and turned to comfort her husband.

"Mm." Listening to his wife’s gentle words, Sun Baiwen cheered up instantly.

"Is this... the auto show’s invitation?" Qin Yirou hesitated for a few seconds before she grabbed her purse and fished out a dozen cards that were printed with a deluxe sports car on the front and "New Cruise Auto Show Invitation" on the back.

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With a careless glimpse at the cards in Qin Yirou’s hands, Sun Baiwen sprang up in surprise. Shock washed over him.

"Yes! That’s it! These are invitations to New Cruise’s auto show!"

"But why do you have them? And you have at least ten of them! New Cruise has only given out a thousand invitations to the public and those invited are tycoons and magnates. We aren’t even qualified to be invited..."

Sun Baiwen was baffled looking at the invitation cards that Qin Yirou produced.

Only wealthy or influential big shots were invited to the auto show that New Cruise held. Even then, these bigwigs only had one invitation each.

There were already people buying invitation cards with high markups in the market just to catch a glimpse of the nation’s largest auto show. An invitation could sell for an astronomical figure!

Problem was, however, many of these moguls were unwilling to sell their invitation because they wanted to visit the auto show themselves.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it was astonishing for Qin Yirou to whip out over ten invitations at once.

Everyone shifted their amazed gazes to her.

"Uh... I – These were given to me by the manager there when I was working in New Cruise, saying that I could invite my family and friends there. I don’t know what they are and didn’t plan to join an event like this anyway. I was even thinking about throwing them out a few days ago..."

Qin Yirou was bewildered as well, not expecting the cards in her hands to be so important.

"You’re working in New Cruise?" As if discovering new land, Sun Baiwen asked in exclamation.

"Mm, I’m only a cleaner there." Qin Yirou was at a loss.

"A cleaner and you received over ten invitations?" Sun Baiwen’s jaw nearly fell.

Before his trip here, he had already thought of various ways to get his hands on an invitation but they were all in vain.

Qin Yirou here was only a janitor and she had so many of them!

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