The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 255 - Divorce Done. Her Mother

Chapter 255 - Divorce Done. Her Mother

Qin Yirou was confused by the question but she nodded in a daze anyway.

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Yun Jian who sat beside her paused for a beat when she picked up the glass of water, as a hint of a smile spread from her lips, before she gulped down the water.

Qin Yirou’s invitation cards were obviously given to her by New Cruise’s manager under her instruction. At the same time, she asked Zhang Zhifan to hire extra cleaners and assigned Qin Yirou’s duty region to the smallest area.

Now, Qin Yirou’s daily work was easier than the celebrated college graduates sitting in offices. In addition, her monthly salary was fifteen hundred Chinese yuan, a relatively high wage in 1998.

It allowed Qin Yirou to finally have some savings after necessary expenditures each month.

"Why don’t you guys take these invitation cards? I have no use of them as I won’t attend activities like this." Qin Yirou placed all the cards on the table and pushed them to Sun Baiwen generously.

Zhu Hengxiang was quick to extend her hand to grab them but Sun Baiwen stopped her.

"We just need one. One invitation card is enough for our entire family to enter and watch the exhibition." Sun Baiwen took one of the cards and returned the rest to Qin Yirou amicably, politely thanking Qin Yirou, "Thank you, sis."

One invitation was sufficient to take the whole family on because with an invitation each, one could invite their family and friends to visit the car show together. There was no limit to the number of guests one could bring.

This was one of Yun Jian’s ideas. The sales of her cars were targeted on tycoons. Ordinary citizens would not be able to afford the vehicles even if they could enter.

It was not like Yun Jian looked down on the poor, it was just common business sense.

Of course, if the tycoons took their family and friends along to the auto show, it meant different things. The family and friends of tycoons were usually well to do, especially their friends who were more than often people in the same circle – how else could they become friends?

These were people who could afford cars. When they visited the show, they were potential customers of New Cruise.

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When dinner was done and night had fallen, it was not completely dark as Xinjiang Town street lights turned on at night.

Qin Fangfang tugged Qin Yirou to a walk and requested to sleep with her for the night too. The sisters had a lot to share as they barely saw each other.

Fortunately, Zhang Meihua had plenty of rooms, so Yun Jian had a room of her own.

Sun Baiwen would not get to sleep cuddling his wife, but he gave his consent readily as he understood her.

The next morning, Yun Jian followed Qin Yirou back to her first home since her rebirth and saw her irresponsible so-called father, Yun Gang, who she had met not too long ago in the casino at the door.

There was no doubt that Yun Gang refused to divorce Qin Yirou, but the matter was resolved when Yun Jian’s grandfather, Yun Zhong, forced him to sign the divorce papers feeling that his son had tarnished their family name.

It was finally done. When they completed the very last step in the civil affairs office, Qin Yirou took a few deep breaths.

The weather today was similar to the one when she registered her marriage with Yun Gang.

The sun hung high in the sky, bringing a sense of warmth despite the chill.

Honestly, it would be hypocritical to say that she felt nothing after spending so many years with Yun Gang. As time passed, however, Yun Gang made more mistakes and her patience grew thin.

Yun Jian took Qin Yirou’s hand into hers. Holding her mother’s callused hand, they walked to the bus station that would take them back to Longmen City.

Yun Jian swore that she would not let Qin Yirou feel any inkling of grievance from now on!

Qin Yirou was Yun Jian, Slaying God’s mother! Forever!

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