The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 256 - Day Of The Auto Show And The Director Of The Company

Chapter 256 - Day Of The Auto Show And The Director Of The Company

Returning to Longmen City, Yun Jian spent another few days in leisure before the day of the auto show came.

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At the break of dawn, Yun Jian was already awake.

She had asked Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi to the auto show together and brought Ling Yichen as well.

It was Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen’s tendency to like car racing, machinery, and similar things as they were boys. When they heard Yun Jian asking if they were interested in visiting an auto show, they had agreed without hesitation.

When they discovered that the auto show mentioned was the country’s largest-scaled auto show organized by New Cruise that was now a household name, both boys were dumbstruck.

"Master, you have the invitation?" Zhang Shaofeng asked with a glimpse at Yun Jian when they stood at the entrance and watched the guards verifying the cards.

"Nope." Yun Jian grinned and led the way there.

"Oh... we don’t – huh? We don’t?! How are we supposed to get in then? Hey, master, wait up!" Zhang Shaofeng was caught off guard for a moment before he, alongside Chen Xinyi who was giggling with a hand over her mouth and Ling Yichen who looked at him with a snicker, ran up to Yun Jian’s airy gait.

When they came to the entrance that required the verification of their invitation, Yun Jian and friends were stopped.

The guard did not know who Yun Jian was, directly assuming she and her friends were kids up to mischief, and blocked them on the spot. His tone was none the friendlier. "This is an auto show, it’s not your playground. You must have gotten the wrong place, little boys and girls?"

With the role of checking the invitation cards for the car show, the guard was all puffed up. His tone and mannerism toward Yun Jian and her friends were overbearing.

The sole reason Yun Jian did not bring an invitation card was because there was no need for her to take one with her.

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Ignoring the guard, she sent a text message on her phone. Before long, a man rushed out from the door.

This supervising person was one of Zhang Zhifan’s underlings, having come here with him from Xinjiang Town. Supervisor Wu was in charge of maintaining the order of the venue. When he received Zhang Zhifan’s order just now that Sister Jian was here, he had left whatever he was up to and sprinted out.

Coming to Yun Jian, Supervisor Wu bowed with a smile, respectfully speaking to her in front of everyone, "Sister Jian, you’re here. Why didn’t you come in directly? We’ve been waiting for you for a long time."

The guard had wanted to inform his superior that Yun Jian and her friends were the kids who did not want to leave. He did not expect Supervisor Wu to go to Yun Jian and address her "Sister Jian".

Sister? Was this girl whom he blocked ranked higher than Supervisor Wu?

"I got stopped, so I can only ask for your help." Yun Jian wore a half smile, her emotions unreadable.

After that, she led Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi, and Ling Yichen who were completely baffled through the entrance.

Supervisor Wu was stunned before he turned and rebuked the guard, "Xiao Wang, you freaking causing trouble. If Sister Jian pursues this, you’re doomed, I tell you!"

Supervisor Wu obviously knew the guard who he called Xiao Wang.

"Supervisor Wu, is it – is it so serious?" Xiao Wang was shocked as well, not expecting the severity of the matter for just stopping the young girl.

"Do you know who organized this auto show? Who do you think we depend on to come to this day and this stature?" Supervisor Wu barked at Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang was frozen in alarm. "You mean... that girl just now – she’s the director of New Cruise?!"

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