The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 257 - Qin Fangfang’s Snide Of A Sister-In-Law

Chapter 257 - Qin Fangfang’s Snide Of A Sister-In-Law

Yun Jian who had entered the auto show smoothly took Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi around the place.

"Master, I really didn’t expect the person in charge of the car show to call you Sister Jian!" Zhang Shaofeng could not help commenting.

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Yun Jian merely smiled without saying more.

The scale of the auto show was huge, causing the three teenagers to gasp in amazement for the umpteenth time since they came in through the door.

"Oh my god, we get to see all the famous cars we only see in photos and magazines here! I think this is the biggest auto show our country’s ever hosted! I really wonder who’s the mastermind behind such a grand event!" Ling Yichen exclaimed.

"These cars are secondary. There are three international limited edition super sports cars in the foyer. Do you guys want to go have a look?" Yun Jian raised her brows and asked the three teenagers who were lost in their thrill.

"Wow, really? Yes please!" Zhang Shaofeng cheered.

With Yun Jian leading the way, the four of them headed to the foyer.

The three limited edition supercars in the foyer were actually the limelight of this auto show. It was the reason that attracted both amateurs and fans to the exhibition.

There were only a few units of the limited edition sports cars sold in the world! The ric.h.e.s.t of the rich could hardly get their hands on them and they were invaluable in the market.

How could the auto show not steal the tycoons’ attention when it was putting three of these supercars on display?

The foyer’s limited edition supercar trio was surrounded by rounds of masses. Everyone wanted to own the sports car when they saw them.

When Yun Jian and friends came to the vehicles, people teemed around the place.

The three supercars were securely surrounded by the protective fence while people around them could only admire the exterior as there was no guide around to comment on the cars.

Firstly, it was because these were limited edition sports cars. Most guides could hardly narrate the cars’ attributes points in an engaging manner. Secondly, since these were supercars, most guides did not even get to come across them, how could they speak about them?

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Yun Jian spotted several familiar faces in the crowd, namely Mayor Gu and mafia boss Xu Zetian were here upon invitation.

Pressing her lips together, she was about to lead her friends over there when she heard Qin Fangfang’s voice.

"Xiao Jian, you’re here to visit the exhibition too? Is your mom here?" Qin Fangfang called out once she saw Yun Jian.

Yun Jian gave a nod when she saw her aunt and family. "My mom isn’t here today nor is she working, saying that it’s too many people and she won’t be joining in the crowd."

Qin Fangfang was inevitably disappointed when she heard that her sister was not around.

A voice dripping in sarcasm then sounded, "Ay, Fangfang, this is the daughter of your sister who works in New Cruise as a cleaner and gave you the auto show invitation, right?"

Sensing the spiteful tone, Yun Jian looked over with narrowed eyes and saw a garishly dressed woman standing beside Zhu Hengxiang.

The woman was Zhu Hengxiang’s daughter, Qin Fangfang’s sister-in-law, Sun Baiyan.

There was a fat man with a beer belly standing beside Sun Baiyan too. It was her husband, Jiang Shengnan.

When Qin Yirou gave Sun Baiwen the invitation card, Zhu Hengxiang had instantly called her daughter and son-in-law to come over and attend the auto show together.

Unable to stop her, Sun Baiwen could only oblige.

Sun Baiyan was just like her mother, Zhu Hengxiang. She was brought up rich and spoiled, a conceited snide to be around.

Qin Fangfang frowned immediately when she heard Sun Baiyan’s sarcastic remark.

"Sun Baiyan, stop making things up in front of a child!" Qin Fangfang retaliated at once.

"How am I making things up? Hah, it’s a fact that her mother is a cleaner in New Cruise! Why can’t I say that? Tsk, no matter how some pretend to be graceful, they can’t change the fact that they come from a slum!"

Sun Baiyan seemed to be at loggerheads with Qin Fangfang. Glaring at Yun Jian and realizing that she was not wearing anything luxurious, the volume of her voice rose.

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