The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 258 - She’s The Director. Is That Not Enough?

Chapter 258 - She’s The Director. Is That Not Enough?

When Qin Fangfang married Sun Baiwen, she did not have a good relationship with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Only Sun Baiwen treated her sincerely.

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It was fortunate that Sun Baiwen had always sided with his wife. That was why Qin Fangfang forbore what she could and held up until now.

In spite of it, her sister-in-law was crossing the line now, speaking ill of Yun Jian’s mother right in front of the child.

It was unsurprising that Qin Fangfang would be furious.

Usually, when Sun Baiyan made snide comments, Qin Fangfang could feign ignorance. When the former brought up what should stay among the a.d.u.l.ts in front of the child, however, Qin Fangfang was not having it.

Moreover, Qin Fangfang watched how Sun Baiyan critiqued Qin Yirou in front of Yun Jian in front of her friends. She was worried that it would cause Yun Jian’s friends to look down on her.

Due to her concern, Qin Fangfang got angry at her sister-in-law for the first time.

"Sun Baiyan! I’ll pull your tongue off if you dare spew absurdity again in front of the child!" Qin Fangfang hissed, acting like she was going to pounce at Sun Baiyan.

Sun Baiyan was petrified when she saw that Qin Fangfang was genuinely seething. She hid behind Zhu Hengxiang at once and cried holding on to the latter’s clothes. "Oh ho, what’s the world become! Mom, your daughter-in-law’s getting out of hand. How dare she threaten to hit her own sister-in-law!"

She spoke as if she was already hit.

Sun Baiyan’s husband, Jiang Shengnan, stood around but it was like he was not present as he dared not say a word.

Zhu Hengxiang, foreseeably, was partial to her daughter. Seeing how Qin Fangfang acted, her character of a shrew surfaced without regard that she was still in public.

She pointed a finger at Qin Fangfang. "Good job! Rebelling now, aren’t you? How dare you want to hit my Yanyan, you..."

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Before Zhu Hengxiang fully exploded, Yun Jian pulled Qin Fangfang behind her in protection and told the former, "Arguments and fights are prohibited in the auto show. Get out if you’re going to make a scene here."

Yun Jian’s words made the rest of them twitch. Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi who watched on the side were the only ones who knew nobody who offended Yun Jian would end up lucky.

"What are you?" Zhu Hengxiang screamed without thinking. Her sheer volume attracted the attention of the magnates who were admiring the cars around them.

"Why must we get out just because you ask us to!" Zhu Hengxiang continued her loud reprimand at Yun Jian and the words that tumbled out of her mouth grew nastier.

"Look at who you are first. Stop acting like you’re the manager of the car show. You’re just the daughter of New Cruise’s cleaner! Hah, take a look at your pathetic self, what right do you have to ask us to get out?"

Zhu Hengxiang had completely forgotten the fact that they could attend the auto show was all thanks to the ’cleaner’ who she was addressing so disdainfully.

She was burning the bridge after crossing it.

"Mom, stop it. You’ve crossed the line this time!" Sun Baiwen stepped up to tell Zhu Hengxiang with a frown.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man’s voice boomed with finality and rage, "Just because she, Yun Jian, is the director of New Cruise, the mastermind of this auto show! Does she not have enough right to chase you guys who aren’t even on the invited list out!"

Zhang Zhifan who caught what was happening walked over in an angry stride. This old hag must be bored of life for slandering Sister Jian!

It was just that everyone’s attention turned to the girl who was dressed plainly in bewilderment when Zhang Zhifan spoke.

Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi, and Ling Yichen were astonished while Qin Fangfang and Sun Baiwen’s jaws dropped. Zhu Hengxiang and Sun Baiyan blanched at what they heard.

What! The director of New Cruise was Yun Jian?!

What kind of joke was this? The nation’s largest auto show was organized by an underage girl!

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