The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 259 - She Wins

Chapter 259 - She Wins

When everyone snapped out of shock, Zhang Zhifan was already standing in front of Yun Jian.

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Clad in a business suit and leather shoes, Zhang Zhifan was far from the shadow of a crook who used to make a living off loan sharking, and all had Yun Jian to thank for.

Zhang Zhifan went to Yun Jian and made a slight bow. "Sister Jian."

His address of "Sister Jian" was no doubt a declaration to everyone that she, Yun Jian, was the director of New Cruise!

The crowd was still recovering from the surprise when a deep rumble of chuckle rang.


Mayor Gu’s beaming face came into sight.

"Girlie, we met again. I really didn’t expect you to be the host of this auto show! And that you’re New Cruise’s director!"

Mayor Gu exclaimed and as if recalling something, he gasped, "I see why you spent over fourteen million yuan at auction to buy this shop lot that wasn’t worth that much then! You were setting up a company!"

Putting aside where Yun Jian had gotten her money from, spending over ten million Chinese yuan for a shop lot was incredibly stupid in the eyes of others, even Mayor Gu did not figure it out for the time being.

He realized it now. Even if it cost more than ten million yuan, the shop lot would be worth the price if it was utilized well.

Yun Jian had used it for an auto show that would publicize the name of her company. Tycoons would come to buy their cars here. Despite the era, they were in, once the reputation of the company was out there, millionaires from other provinces would come here all the way here just to purchase their car.

What else could they do with that much money? Buy luxurious automobiles and flaunt them of course!

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Yun Jian’s auto show itself had put three limited edition supercars on display. No car dealership in Country Z would be able to compete with the funding she had. The limited edition supercars were literally limited across the world but Yun Jian had gotten her hands on three of them at once!

The money that Yun Jian had invested would be reaped easily when she sold a luxurious car and profited millions from it. In addition, the effect of her publicity was apparent as her company was already causing huge waves of attention in Country Z’s automobile business.

The prime choice of tycoons when they were going to buy their cars in the future would probably be New Cruise.

What everyone else noticed, however, was Mayor Gu claiming that Yun Jian had spent over fourteen million yuan in bidding on the shop lot.

Over fourteen million Chinese yuan!

Wow! Forget that they were in 1998, even if they were here in the modern day setting, that was a sum that ordinary people might not save up for their whole lives!

Qin Fangfang’s husband, Sun Baiwen’s family, who was considered wealthy, had only millions of yuan in assets.

Yet, Yun Jian lavished over ten million Chinese yuan for just a shop lot!

The difference was striking.

Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi were stunned again, but Zhang Shaofeng felt passion running through his veins ardently. He was going to fight whoever dared call his master poor in the future!

"Mayor Gu, we meet again." Yun Jian nodded at Mayor Gu with crescent eyes.

"Hmm, not bad, girlie, your future is brilliant!" Mayor Gu could not help showering her with praises after a bark of laughter.

After greeting Mayor Gu, Yun Jian turned to Zhu Hengxiang who was pale. "As you said, my mom’s working in my company. Is there anything wrong with being a cleaner? She’s experiencing life! Unlike somebody who’s gracious on the outside but is actually a shrew within!"

Zhu Hengxiang had mocked Yun Jian for being poor, behaving like she was rich. Yun Jian was returning the jab, taunting Zhu Hengxiang and her daughter that they looked rich but they could not even compare to a pauper!

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