The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 260 - A Threat. Yun Jian The Guide

Chapter 260 - A Threat. Yun Jian The Guide

This was Zhu Hengxiang’s first time being called out and retaliated against in public. She was born in a privileged wealthy household and her husband was of equivalent status. She was the typical upper class society, so she had never been discriminated against like that.

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No matter how unreasonable she was, however, she was not going to return fire at Yun Jian.

The girl was New Cruise’s director!

How dare Zhu Hengxiang get back at her with her stature?

"Hah," Yun Jian scoffed when she saw that Zhu Hengxiang was too scared to say anything. She then pulled Qin Fangfang who was still frozen over and warned Zhu Hengxiang and Sun Baiyan who stood beside her, "If I find out that my aunt is treated unfairly again, I’ve warned you guys, you can forget about manufacturers partnering with the car dealership you own!"

Yun Jian was making a blatant threat.

If a car dealership was unable to work with manufacturers, the only outcome of it was to close down.

Yun Jian was able to make a bold threat and could actually do it!

Moreover, she was making a message clear. She was able to make a long-time running car dealership close down.

Prior to this, everyone would probably take it as a joke, assuming Yun Jian’s brazenness as part of her youth if she had said something similar. Now that they knew a teenage girl like her was able to organize a grand auto show like this, they figured that she was capable of doing what she claimed!

Blood drained from Zhu Hengxiang. She did not expect to have dug her own grave. Qin Fangfang’s family had been so poor all the while and she had looked down on them for years yet her niece was surprisingly competent!

She bought the shop lot for over ten million yuan!

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Zhu Hengxiang knew that the most the Sun Family had in assets were probably a few million Chinese yuan. It was not even a fraction of what Yun Jian had.

"Xiao Jian, it’s fine, enough." Qin Fangfang finally broke out of her daze and tugged Yun Jian who was standing up for her.

That was her mother-in-law after all. No matter how unpleasant she and her sister-in-law was, Qin Fangfang still had to live with them.

Obediently, Yun Jian kept quiet listening to Qin Fangfang.

She knew that she should drop it after making her point. She had warned Zhu Hengxiang and Sun Baiyan. They would never dare act up again unless they were fools. Yun Jian also knew that Qin Fangfang would be put in a tough spot if she continued.

Hence, the topic ended there and then.

With regards to Qin Fangfang, as well as the fact that Zhu Hengxiang and Sun Baiyan really shut their mouths after that, Yun Jian did not throw them out but no one cared for them either.

Yun Jian was already walking beside Mayor Gu, engaged in a friendly chat, while Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi walked beside her.

She took Mayor Gu to the three limited edition sports cars and introduced them to him.

"This is Pagani’s Zonda Tricolore, from Italy. There’s only one for sale in this world. It uses specialized LED lights both front and back and its style is similar to the lights on a plane..."

Yun Jian’s smooth narration attracted attention. Other than Mayor Gu, those who were admiring the cars around them were captivated as well.

Although Yun Jian was young to be New Cruise’s director, she knew about the limited edition supercars. Her introduction was eloquent as well as if she knew these cars like the back of her hand.

For a moment, everyone surrounded Yun Jian, interestedly listening to her elaboration.

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