The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 261 - Taking The Country By Storm And Going On A Trip

Chapter 261 - Taking The Country By Storm And Going On A Trip

The auto show went smoothly. After sending Qin Fangfang and family away, the show came to a successful closing too.

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"Girlie, see you next time!" Mayor Gu greeted Yun Jian when he left with Xu Zetian.

As he did, he also told Yun Jian, "If New Cruise has any promotional projects in the future, the government will support it! Come to me if you face any difficulties!"

With Mayor Gu’s offer, Yun Jian smiled gratefully. She did not need his help but his kind gesture was appreciated.

After sending off the show’s guests, the place was left with the crew, Zhang Shaofeng and friends, and Zhang Zhifan and his men.

Looking at her three friends who looked like they were going to blurt out questions yet holding themselves back, Yun Jian grinned and told them, "If you guys want to, you can ask Zhifan for work too."

Yun Jian was planning to let the three teens join her company.

Three of them came from affluent backgrounds and were used to being pampered in indulgence, not having to do independently.

Yun Jian sounded like she was allowing them to join New Cruise and it was no doubt a chance for them to step away from their families and showcase their independence!

"We want to, of course we want to!" three of them shouted in unison.

Yun Jian hummed with a smile. "Mm."


After the auto show, New Cruise put various sports cars, sedans, economical ranged cars on the market. It came as a surprise when they hit 368 units of sale before three full days of official business! It meant that they had sold over a hundred cars a day on average.

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The sale consisted of numerous expensive sports cars, the deluxe ones that could reap in profit of millions of yuan per sale.

Of course, it was not just Longmen City’s tycoons that were buying the cars. Business magnates from other regions were coming to purchase their automobiles from hearsay as well.

New Cruise climbed the ladder up swiftly, its net profit reaching thirty million Chinese yuan in that month itself!

The baffling figures topped not just Longmen City’s car dealersh.i.p.s but in the whole country!

In a blink of eyes, the prestige of New Cruise took over the country by storm.

Despite that, the director of the well-known company, Yun Jian, was currently seated in her school’s classroom, spinning a black pen between her fair and long fingers, to complete a test paper placed on her desk.

Yun Jian was now in her first semester of ninth grade and would be facing her first major exam, the high school entrance exam, in another half semester.

The teachers had added more homework to their list of assignments, like endless quiz papers.

Yun Jian was doing fine but Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi were experiencing headaches from all the papers they had to finish.

Yun Jian was invited by Chu Ning and the team out for the weekend. It was said to be a celebration for their successful mission and Ge Junjian had already applied for their rewards from the higher-ups. Other than some monetary reward, all seven of them were upgraded to official Special Forces members effective immediately.

The news unsurprisingly elated the team, so they had decided to travel together this weekend to relax and adjust their state of mind after a discussion.

On Saturday morning, Yun Jian carried her bag stuffed with a dozen boiled eggs that Qin Yirou had prepared for her and went to meet Chu Ning and the others.

"Hey, Yun Jianer, we’re here!" Chu Ning was the first to see Yun Jian as she greeted her.

Walking over to them, the seven youths boarded the train that would take them to a famous mountain. The mountain that was their destination was with a high altitude, but the scenery was breathtaking. They planned to hike up there and stay the night.

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