The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 262 - Meeting A Group At The Adventure Hotspot

Chapter 262 - Meeting A Group At The Adventure Hotspot

The train came to a place named Jinglian Town.

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The famous mountain was called Weiwu Mountain. It had a high altitude with rugged irregular paths that were rough and steep.

Jinglian Town was connected to a historical town at the bottom of Weiwu Mountain.

It was not without reason for the place to be selected as their travel destination.

The Weiwu Mountain had a high altitude and was steep and rugged. It was perfect for thrills and adventures. There was also a known fact about the mountain, that there were many tourists who wanted to hike to the peak throughout the year but only one out of ten was capable of making it to the top.

The rumor thus attracted throngs of hiking fans as everyone wanted to become the one out of ten who was able to climb the mountain peak.

In spite of it, many of them returned in vain. No one stayed in the peak but those who had conquered it mentioned that one could erect a tent and camp there as long as one brought the gear.

When Chu Ning and the team hopped off the train and came to Jinglian town, they were amazed by Weiwu Mountain that was so tall, its pinnacle could not be seen.

Yun Jian squinted, unnoticeably raised her brow when she saw the majestic mountain.

"Wow, this is Weiwu Mountain? Honestly, I’ve been wanting to hike here. I hear that only one out of ten could hike from the bottom to the peak of this mountain! Heh heh!" Chu Xiangnan scanned the surrounding of the base in excitement.

"Let’s go then! Let’s see who runs the fastest!" Chu Ning rubbed her hands in ecstasy and was about to be the first to sprint off.

"Hey... wait!" The early morning sun that sprayed on Yun Jian was blinding. Just as the team was about to embark on their hike, a voice came from the back.

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Turning around with narrowed eyes, Yun Jian saw a few young men and girls in their early twenties standing behind.

This group of people carried a rucksack each as well, looking the part of hiking Weiwu Mountain too.

The person who called out to them just now was a sporty young man who grinned, standing in front of the group.

"Hello, I’m Shen Yan. They’re my friends. Are you guys hiking too?" the guy introduced himself with a beam and asked.

"Mm." Yun Jian stood at the back of her team, making her the first person in front of Shen Yan. She nodded and gave a hum.

"Ah, that’s great. Can we hike together? We’re college students and we came here for a holiday but since we’re not familiar with the place, we plan to find someone to go up the mountain together," said Shen Yan.

Basked in the sun, the guy looked gorgeous.

"Sure!" Chu Ning, who had been standing in front of the team, ran back like she was enchanted when she espied Shen Yan’s handsome face. She beamed at him and extended her hand to introduce herself, "I’m Chu Ning. Let’s go together then."

"Mm, that’ll be wonderful!" Shen Yan let out a breath but his gaze was trained on Yun Jian who had both hands in her pants pockets.

There was no doubt that Yun Jian was attractive. Even when she stood a distance away quietly, there was an aloof sense of beauty that appealing alongside her silence.

"Brother Yan, why are we going with them!? Humph, I disagree!" A pretty girl with two ponytails who stood behind Shen Yan voiced out.

She was not older than nineteen or twenty years old. As if noticing Shen Yan’s gaze on Yun Jian, her face was scrunched up together in disdain.

She hissed, "Brother Yan, let’s go on our own? They all look tiny and frail. Who knows if they’ll drag us down! Let’s go our way!"

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