The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 265 - Yun Zhu… Is It A Coincidence?

Chapter 265 - Yun Zhu… Is It A Coincidence?

Yun Jian kept staring at the boy, taking in the reflection of her baby brother, and fell into the memory of her brother’s exuberant smile when she met him for the first time in her past life.

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Then, she remembered the dried tear tracks on the corners of his eyes when he was cruelly killed.

"Xiao Zhu...?" Yun Jian stretched her hand out, a quiver in her voice despite her usual fierce and poised demeanor.

Her baby brother’s name was Yun Zhu.

She could still remember the first time her younger brother met her. His large inky orbs were trained on her, his cheeks a dusty pink, and his teeth shiny white against his rosy lips. He enunciated his words clearly as he blinked up at her, "You’re my big sister?"

Then, he happily grabbed onto her larger hand with his short and cold little fingers, exploding in joy. "Yay! Xiao Zhu has a big sister now! Xiao Zhu has family too!"

Yun Jian and Yun Zhu’s biological parents passed away in a car accident when Yun Zhu was four years old. When Yun Jian was abducted by the organization at a young age, her parents had looked for her high and low for over ten years. Ultimately, both of them died in an accident when they were on another search.

Yun Zhu grew up in an orphanage.

All these years, Yun Jian was trained to be a secret agent in An Hun Group. By the time she was sufficiently capable to look for her family before her abduction, she was only left with her younger brother.

Her younger brother was later used against her as a threat before he was brutally murdered. Yun Jian’s heart was not made of steel. She felt wrath, she hated a world like this.

The boy in front of her shrunk, alarmed by her sudden raise of a hand.

"Zhuer!" The little boy’s mother rushed to them in tears, scooping the boy into her arms. Her fear just moments ago was indescribable.

"Mom, this sister here seems to know my name." The boy pointed at Yun Jian and told the woman innocently; his eyes did not seem to contain life.

"Yeah, Yun Jianer, are you okay..." Everyone else was surprised by Yun Jian’s reaction too and Chu Ning was the first to ask.

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This boy was also Yun Zhu, just like her baby brother.

"I’m fine." Yun Jian closed her eyes, wearing a half smile.

Whether this boy was her younger brother or not, since he looked exactly like him and shared the same name, it at least gave her some comfort in wishing that perhaps her baby brother was still alive, just through another way.

"Miss, thank you so much! Thank you for saving my son! Thank you!" Yun Zhu’s mother came to thank Yun Jian after consoling her boy. She was sincerely grateful, nearly kneeling down to thank Yun Jian, but the girl stopped her.

Shen Yan and his friends who stood at the side were embarrassed. All of them had initially thought that Yun Jian and her friends were weaklings and had ridiculed them mercilessly. Now? A teenage girl like her had rescued a little boy hanging by the cliff!

Yun Jian got to know Yun Zhu’s mother.

She was Yun Hailan, a single mother, so Yun Zhu took her surname.

They had come to hike Weiwu Mountain as the boy’s training.

According to Yun Hailan, Yun Zhu was unlike himself ever since he fell seriously ill a few months ago. His eyes became dull and he got reticent. During his fits of nightmares, he would even shout things like "No, don’t kill me! Please, don’t kill me".

He became incredibly timid. He was already eight but now he dared not go to the toilet on his own if he got up in the middle of the night.

Yun Hailan thus brought Yun Zhu to Weiwu Mountain to try and train his courage, not expecting an accident to happen. She did not foresee Yun Zhu falling off the edge in a blink of her inattentiveness.

Yun Jian was dumbfounded when she heard her.

A few months ago... Was that not when she was rebirthed?

Was everything just a coincidence?

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