The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 267 - Disorder. Try Me

Chapter 267 - Disorder. Try Me

When Yun Hailan heard the aggressive door knocking, the needle she held in her hand pierced her fingertip amidst her fear. Uncaring of the blood that was slowly oozing from it, she quickly got up to push Yun Jian.

"Miss, hide in the house first! Quick!" Yun Hailan shoved Yun Jian to make her go inside.

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With a frown, Yun Jian shook her head.

Those people outside obviously came with ill intentions. How could she abandon Yun Hailan and hide on her own?

"Zhuer, take her to play inside," Yun Hailan said, quick to pull Yun Zhu who was sitting on a stool up since she could not persuade Yun Jian.

Yun Zhu mostly kept to himself but he also listened to his mother well. He went over to hold Yun Jian’s bigger hand and led them inside the house.

Yun Jian followed him in because she saw Yun Hailan whispering to her, "I’ll be fine. Miss, take care of Zhuer for me."

Once Yun Jian and Yun Zhu hid inside, Yun Hailan turned to open the door.

With a squeak, the thin board of a door was opened and Yun Jian could see what was happening through the narrow gap of the room’s door that she was in.

A tall burly man stood outside of the door, thick and muscular with a bulging beer belly.

Jinglian Town was not the safest town there was because the people living here were different compared to Longmen City. The standard of living here was several notches worse than Longmen City and it was not as safe and peaceful.

For example, protection rackets were collected by force from citizens here. It was common, even the police were unable to do anything to them because these people were from the gangs, wielding knives and guns.

Mainly, it was because these people had someone high in ranking covering for them, so the police could only watch helplessly.

A group of people stood behind the man at the door, definitely not harboring kind intentions either, welding metal bars and similar weapons.

The tall burly man who stood front and foremost extended his fat palm, his fleshy body shook with the movement, as he looked at Yun Hailan with a scowl and a straw perched between his lips.

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"Hmm? Where’s my money?"

Yun Hailan looked scared but she forced herself to face them calmly.

"Brother Niu, we’re trying to make ends meet recently. Can you give me a few more days? When I’m done rushing these crafts, I’ll pay you once I get my salary, is that okay?" Yun Hailan pleaded.

She truly had no more money.

If she had even a little bit extra, her boy did not have to wait to go to the hospital with his abnormal temperament right now.

"F*ck, who are you f*cking bluffing! Everyone else paid the protection racket, you’re the only one stalling. Bros, don’t even bother bullsh*tting with this woman. Wreck her house and see if she pays!"

The man called Brother Niu waved his metal bar and was going to make a blow at Yun Hailan’s defenseless self. The latter was already prepared to be beaten up.

Brother Niu and his lackeys were unreasonable. They belonged to a gang, and despite the ruckus and terror they caused usually, the police were not able to take them down as they had the support of someone with a substantial background.

It was not uncommon for Yun Hailan to get beaten up, but she usually locked Yun Zhu in the room securely before that so the boy would not have to witness it.

The reason she hid Yun Jian as well was that she was pretty.

Not only did Brother Niu and his people love money, but they also forced pretty girls their way as well. Many innocent ladies in the town were abused by these people so easily.

Yun Hailan made them hide and kept quiet first as she was not going to watch Yun Jian being harassed when she had helped her.

Just as the metal bar was going to hit Yun Hailan, a pair of fair arms held it in place abruptly.

In the blink of an eye, Yun Jian had slipped out of the room.

When Brother Niu and his men saw her, their eyes glowed. What a beauty!

Yun Jian, on the other hand, declared with her eyes set on the men. "Try laying a finger here with me around!"

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