The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 268 - Her Miscalculation. You Guys Are Dead

Chapter 268 - Her Miscalculation. You Guys Are Dead

Yun Jian’s appearance stunned Brother Niu and the gang, but it also added a lecherous tint to their eyes.

"Oh, Yun Hailan, since when have you hidden such a pretty girl in your house?" Brother Niu’s tone softened immediately, not sounding as aggressive as he was earlier.

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"Why have you come out? Leave, go right now, you have nothing to do here!" Yun Hailan was shocked seeing that Yun Jian had come out and moved to push her out of the house.

She just wanted to protect her.

"Still thinking of leaving when you’re here? Hah!" Brother Niu and his men blocked the way, their thirsty gazes attached to Yun Jian.

"Yun Hailan, let’s make a deal. Let this young girl be our company and we can forget about this month’s protection racket. What do you think, hmm?" Brother Niu stroked his chin while he scanned Yun Jian, speaking to Yun Hailan with a smirk as if the latter was gaining an advantage from this deal.

"Dream on!" Yun Hailan gritted her teeth and suddenly picked up her courage to shout at the men.

Yun Jian had saved her son’s life. Yun Hailan did not even expect Brother Niu to come to collect the protection racket at this time, nor thought that Yun Jian would run out to stand up for her without heeding her advice. She would never let Yun Jian fall into the claws of these bastards.

"Heck, you’re growing bold now? Huh? I’m being nice and giving you a chance to skip on the monthly protection racket, yet you don’t know what’s good for you!"

Brother Niu threatened and swung his metal bar against the door in a huff.

Yun Jian chuckled at that.

"Do you guys know what the consequences of bearding the lion in his den are?" Yun Jian raised her brows and suddenly smirked at Brother Niu.

"Ho, pretty girl, I won’t be able to guess such a profound riddle but I do know that you’re going to be mine soon," Brother Niu said squinting at Yun Jian and with his hand out, he was going to pounce on her.

Acting on his thoughts, Brother Niu sprang onto Yun Jian but before he could reach her, Yun Hailan stood in the way.

She blocked Brother Niu and his lackeys with her thin frame and shouted at Yun Jian with all her might, "Take Zhuer and run! Jump out from the window at the back! Don’t turn back! Leave, right now!"

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes.

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Run? There was no such word in Yun Jian’s vocabulary.

Just when she was ready to kick the men to their demise, Yun Zhu’s voice came from the house.

"Mom..." He was already outside and cried out when he saw the scene.

Especially when he saw his mother blocking the men with her body to stop them from coming over and the various knives and weapons that Brother Niu and his men were holding, a petrifying scene suddenly flashed in Yun Zhu’s mind.

"Ah, a knife, they’re killing – No, don’t kill me..." Yun Zhu suddenly hugged his head, as if recalling something and squatted down in pain.

"Xiao Zhu..." Yun Jian was distracted by Yun Zhu’s action. Pausing her attack, she anxiously went toward the boy.

"Xiao Zhu, what’s wrong?" Yun Jian would only lose her composure when something happened to her younger brother. She bent down, about to check the boy’s state.

At the same time, Brother Niu who Yun Hailan had stopped at the door blinked and pulled out a dagger before stabbing it right into the woman’s stomach.

"Ah..." Yun Jian reacted only when Yun Hailan’s pained cry sounded while Brother Niu twisted the dagger stabbed into the woman’s stomach a few times before he pushed her onto the floor.

Damn it!

Yun Jian’s gaze sharpened immediately as her eyes reddened.

She had been so worried about Yun Zhu just now that she forgot about Yun Hailan, not expecting Brother Niu to actually stab her!

Yun Zhu fell into a deeper pain when he saw the scene in addition to the scene that replayed in his mind just now.

Yun Jian had gotten up from Yun Zhu then, her piercing gaze burning with rage.

She was furious.

With a flick of a wrist, Yun Jian held the butterfly knife in her palm. Her gaze toward Brother Niu and the gang was brimming with murder. "You guys are dead!"

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