The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 269 - Killing Brother Niu. Feeling It

Chapter 269 - Killing Brother Niu. Feeling It

Brother Niu and his lackeys did not even see Yun Jian as a threat. After all, she was so young. No matter how skilled she was, she was only a little girl. What havoc could she possibly wreak?

It was until Yun Jian brandished the butterfly knife that these men felt their eyes twitching.

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"Holy f*ck, you’re for real? This pretty girl has a weapon on her?!" Brother Niu yelped.

"Even if you have a weapon, little girl, do you think you can fight all of us..."


Brother Niu watched Yun Jian walk toward them holding the butterfly knife. Just as he snorted, the girl attacked. The butterfly knife came to life between her fingers before it penetrated Brother Niu’s stomach at an eerie angle.

With widened eyes, Brother Niu did not get to react as he was swiftly stabbed by the seemingly harmless girl.

"You – you..." That was all he could make out.

’You’re not human! You’re not! How could a little girl display such speed!’

Brother Niu did not get to finish his words.

The moment Yun Jian retracted her blade, Brother Niu passed out. Falling down with a dull thud, he died in the next second.

"He’s dead! Dead! Brother Niu’s dead!"

Brother Niu’s underlings freaked out when they saw him killed by Yun Jian’s frightening speed and technique. Then, they raced to their escape. No one cared about Brother Niu.

If this girl could kill someone! She could kill anyone!

Looking at the fleeing bunch, Yun Jian did not chase after them. After all, the person who stabbed Yun Hailan just now, Brother Niu, was dead.

Yun Jian went to check on Yun Hailan who collapsed on the floor from Brother Niu’s assault. She was put at ease when she placed her finger under Yun Hailan’s nose. Luckily she was still alive. Yun Jian then pressed around her wound and found that the stab wound was not deep.

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In spite of it, she would still die of blood loss if this was to drag on.

There were no complete utensils. Yun Jian could operate on Yun Hailan but it was easy for the wound to get infected without proper equipment.

Yun Jian decided to stop her bleeding first, fishing out the hemostatic drug she was always equipped with after her rebirth that she had asked to be bought through her connection.

Then, Yun Jian ran out to stop a car. She was not familiar with the area, not even knowing where the nearest hospital was. Yun Hailan’s wound did not allow her to be carried by Yun Jian, who was in search of a hospital.

Fortunately, Yun Jian managed to stop an Audi sports car driven by a kind man by the door shortly.

The owner was a middle-aged man and he quickly helped Yun Jian to carry Yun Hailan into his car to send them to the hospital once he heard that someone was injured.

Yun Jian picked Yun Zhu up as well to go together.

Yun Zhu did not speak during the drive but his blank gaze seemed to turn much clearer.

Yun Jian had only stopped for a breather after she made sure Yun Hailan was wheeled into the hospital’s operation theater.

She knew that this hospital was capable of treating Yun Hailan’s wound.

The middle-aged man with the Audi had never met a young girl like Yun Jian who could maintain her cool despite facing such a dire situation, so he waited until Yun Hailan was announced to be out of crisis before he left.

Yun Jian thanked the man and sent him off personally while Yun Hailan who had just gone through surgery was moved to a ward, still unconscious.

When Yun Jian settled the procedures, she then held Yun Zhu’s hand and walked to the hospital ward.

"Sis," Yun Zhu who had been quiet all this while suddenly called out.

Walking in the hospital’s muted hallway, Yun Jian’s hand that held Yun Zhu’s stiffened abruptly.

Yun Zhu’s next words almost made Yun Jian tear up, despite her being used to putting up a tough front. "You’re my sister, right? Xiao Zhu knows that you’re my elder sister."

"Xiao Zhu can feel it here." Yun Zhu patted his c.h.e.s.t, looking up hopefully at Yun Jian with his round eyes.

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