The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 27 - I Don’t Care About Rumors

Chapter 27 - I Don’t Care About Rumors

Yun Jian went home to make lunch for Qin Yirou after the consensus was reached.

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She would set up the business sooner or later, might as well do it as soon as possible. After this, she needed another trip to Longmen City and would have to stay there for a while to complete the tasks.

The next day, Tuesday morning, Yun Jian woke up bright and early for a morning run. She then stuffed a few books into her schoolbag and headed for school.

She had only taken a day of leave, so she had to attend class today.

Right as she got to the classroom door, she saw Lu Feiyan waving at her from her seat.

Since it was not the time for their self-study session yet, Lu Feiyan left her seat to skip over to Yun Jian instead and asked, "Xiao Jian, why were you absent yesterday? The teacher said you were sick. Are you alright now? Why don’t you rest a bit more if you don’t feel well?"

Lu Feiyan’s concerned tone surprised Yun Jian as she recalled that her excuse to the homeroom teacher yesterday was that she was not feeling well. She did not expect that it would make Lu Feiyan worried for the whole day.

Feeling a gush of warmth, Yun Jian replied, "I’m fine."

"Your health is your most precious asset. You must take better care of yourself!" Lu Feiyan obviously had no idea of what happened in Yun Jian’s family as she told Yun Jian animatedly.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded and entered the classroom with her friend.

Once she did, the noisy classroom suddenly quieted down.

"Look! It’s Yun Jian who’s back. I thought that she wouldn’t dare come back to school anymore. She’s the one who got the principal’s daughter in hospital last Friday! One of Lin Mengyu’s rib bones was even broken!" A mischievous boy in the class spoke as if he was the witness to the case.

There were classmates who chorused him immediately.

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"Wow, really? Yun Jian became so strong out of a sudden? Tsch, tsch, not bad, not bad. She dared hit the principal’s daughter huh!"

"Yun Jian’s probably doomed!"

"That’s her own fault. Who can she blame?"


No one knew about the incident on Friday but as time passed, rumors spread as someone received the news.

They did not even care to avoid being heard by Yun Jian.

Yun Jian did not mind listening to them. It was Lu Feiyan who instead got furious.

"Xiao Jian, don’t be angered. They have a loose mouth and know only to spew nonsense!" Lu Feiyan comforted Yun Jian before stomping to the group of gossipers and spoke louder. "Stop saying nonsense! It’s Lin Mengyu who bullied Xiao Jian first! I can be witness!"

"Hah! Witness? For what? Is there a point? Lin Mengyu’s the principal’s precious daughter!" An impish boy who crossed his legs high on the chair looked at Lu Feiyan, chuckling as he replied to her.

Lu Feiyan had never been the tough type. To be jabbed like that she was incredibly frustrated but had no way of retorting.

"Do you have nothing to do?" Yun Jian who had kept quiet said suddenly when the group of students pointed fingers at her, as their words grew progressively ugly.

"Ah?" The crowd was stunned for a moment.

"Bored? Lonely? Feeling empty?" Yun Jian spat and smirked. "If you are, go on chatting. I don’t mind.

In other words, they had nothing to do in addition to being bored, lonely and feeling empty if they continued the topic.

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