The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 270 - Yun Zhu Goes Home

Chapter 270 - Yun Zhu Goes Home

Yun Zhu’s round cheeks were adorable, a hint of maturity hidden in his innocence. He was very young but it was easily noticeable that this was a good looking boy and would definitely become a charismatic young man when he grew up.

Related by blood in their previous life, even when Yun Jian and Yun Zhu were in different bodies now, they could still feel their bond.

Yun Jian smiled, tears brimming her eyes but none dropped.

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She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Instead, she squatted down and took Yun Zhu into her arms. Her chin perched on his shoulder as she nodded softly.

Yun Zhu looked up and his hands grabbed Yun Jian’s clothes in a grip, a smile spreading on his face.


"Mn." Yun Jian carded her hand through Yun Zhu’s hair.

All her resentment, remorse, guilt, and pain seemed to crumble and dissolve in that moment. The feeling of recovering what she had lost could not even be put into words.

Her baby brother’s death had always been something she could not overcome. Now that her younger brother was rebirthed like her, her burdened heart was finally unfettered.

In spite of it, she was still taking revenge for what happened in the past life.

Her baby brother being alive was the heaven’s gift to her, but the terror and pain her brother had gone through were palpable and tangible.

Yun Jian swore that she was going to let Inferno Ring taste the consequences of infuriating her in the future once she had the chance.


Yun Hailan’s injury was not serious, Yun Jian thought. Perhaps it was because of her past life experience, Yun Jian did not think of an injury to be severe as long as it was not fatal.

Despite that, Yun Hailan was considered to be gravely wounded to any ordinary person.

With a stab to her abdomen and the twists that mangled her wound, it was required for Yun Hailan to be bedridden for half a year in order to go through a slow recovery.

All in all, she had to take her time in recuperation to be able to heal herself and return to her pre-injured state.

Yun Jian sent her abroad for the recovery process and told Yun Hailan that she would take good care of Yun Zhu.

The woman was too embarrassed to agree. After all, Yun Jian had paid for the hospitalization and medical fee and it was not her place to ask Yun Jian to take care of her son as well. It was after Yun Zhu expressed that he would be happy to go with Yun Jian that Yun Hailan conceded.

Before Yun Hailan was sent off to her recuperation, she was teary in gratitude toward Yun Jian and asked Yun Zhu to listen to the girl.

Yun Jian contacted the best hospital abroad and when she was done with the arrangement and successfully sent Yun Hailan there, it was already the next afternoon.

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This next day, Yun Jian was beaming all the way as she held Yun Zhu and waited under the sun for Chu Ning and others who were descending Weiwu Mountain.

The group had arrived at the peak and stayed the night there before they came down. They communicated these through text messages.

For what happened, Yun Jian did not see Shen Yan and his friends again.

When the group took the train back to Longmen City, Chu Xiangnan teased Yun Jian with a laugh, "Oh ho, Yun Jian, I didn’t expect you to have it in you to trick a little boy away from home. I see your plan now for not following us up the mountain."

Chu Xiangnan glanced at Yun Zhu as he spoke and the latter shrunk into Yun Jian bashfully.

"Nobody will think that you’re mute if you don’t speak, you know?" Chu Ning told Chu Xiangnan with a grin.

"Or do you want me to make you mute?" Yun Jian played with her butterfly knife with a genuine grin.

"No, no, no – no thanks!" Chu Xiangnan waved his hands in dismissal at once.

The team engaged in a merry chatter. Jiang Weiwei who usually did not like mingling with them was gradually blending in with the crowd. Her subtle change had only begun recently.

The train returned to Longmen City at night.

After splitting up with her friends, Yun Jian held Yun Zhu’s hand all the way back home. As she stepped into the villa with a smile and with Yun Zhu in her hand, she saw the tall and lean silhouette sitting on the couch.

It was Si Yi.

Stunned, she took Yun Zhu into the house nonetheless.

"Jiejie, are we staying here from now on?" Yun Zhu turned to ask Yun Jian as Si Yi turned to look at them.

"Yes. Jiejie will introduce my family to you too." Yun Jian could not help stroking her brother’s head with a beam.

Si Yi was already making his way to them with his long legs by now.

He wore a slight frown. Since Yun Jian entered with this kid, she had never given him even a glimpse.

"Oh." Yun Zhu pressed his lips together and nodded before he scanned the house and continued asking Yun Jian, "Jiejie, can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Of course."

"No way!"

When Yun Zhu’s question left his lips, two voices sounded simultaneously. The first one was from Yun Jian while the latter was from Si Yi who was scowling. Term of endearment. Mandarin for elder sister.

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