The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 271 - Sleep In My Room. New Year’s Program

Chapter 271 - Sleep In My Room. New Year’s Program

Both Yun Jian and Yun Zhu were surprised when Si Yi spoke, especially Yun Jian who was confused about the meaning behind his words.

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As for Yun Zhu, his adorable face dropped as he tilted his head. He was only eight, so he did not understand why the handsome big brother was stopping him from sleeping with his sister when he had asked her and received her approval.

Before both of them realized anything, Si Yi’s tall build was already in front of Yun Jian.

He curled a good looking brow upward and turned to look at Yun Zhu. His short hair swayed a little as his melodious baritone voice repeated his intention. "You’re not allowed to sleep with her."

Yun Zhu’s arrival was a surprise.

No one had cleaned up a proper room for him at the unexpectedness.

If Yun Zhu wanted to sleep with Yun Jian, however, Si Yi was against it even when he was just a little boy.

Yun Zhu frowned at his words. His gaze at Si Yi was puzzled. "Big brother, why can’t I sleep with my jiejie?"

The corner of Si Yi’s lips tugged, a boyish charm evident on his smirk. He stuttered before making up an excuse. "Because you’re a boy."

He added in the next beat. "Sleep in my room tonight."

Si Yi then made his way upstairs.

He did not have a further explanation anyway.

"Ridiculous," Yun Jian muttered softly as she watched the young man head up before she petted her baby brother’s head.

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"Xiao Zhu, then you sleep with him tonight, okay?" Yun Jian looked at her brother with a bright grin.

"Mm!" Yun Zhu was a good boy, quickly understanding that he could not sleep in the same room with his sister.

Yet, the big brother just now looked so intimidating... Never mind, it was better for him to listen to his sister anyway.

When Qin Yirou came home at night, Yun Jian introduced Yun Zhu to her and explained the situation to her. She did not tell her that Yun Zhu was her younger brother in their previous life but she made up something that was closer to reality.

She told her that Yun Zhu’s mother was now hospitalized from a serious injury and she took Yun Zhu back to care for since she thought that he was a poor kid.

Qin Yirou was a kind-hearted woman. Moreover, her savings had been growing since she started working in New Cruise. She could afford to take care of an additional child. Moreover, Yun Zhu was lovable. Qin Yirou took an instant liking to the little boy, calling him Xiao Zhu casually.

Yun Jian transferred schools for Yun Zhu as well. He was already a first grader as he was eight years old. Now that he came back to Longmen City with her, Yun Jian found someone to settle the school transfer procedure so he could go to school as usual.

At the same time, Yun Jian went back to her usual school routine as well.

Since Zhang Shaofeng, LingYichen, and Chen Xinyi knew that Yun Jian was New Cruise’s director, they came to her every day. Despite that, Yun Jian did not forget to train Zhang Shaofeng daily.

In a blink of eyes, it had almost been three months since her rebirth.

When school was dismissed on Friday, Yun Jian went to Yun Yi’s school to look for him.

Although, she did not manage to find him in his classroom.

"He went to the music room. The New Year is coming. Your brother is taking part in a performance for the New Year’s program, so he’s busy practicing in the music room now!" A boy in class who knew that Yun Jian was Yun Yi’s younger sister kindly pointed the direction to her.

Thanking him, Yun Jian then made her way to the music room where Yun Yi was.

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