The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 272 - He Learns The Guitar. An Arrogant Peac.o.c.k

Chapter 272 - He Learns The Guitar. An Arrogant Peac.o.c.k

Di Yi Senior High School that Yun Yi was studying in was an elite school that not everyone could enroll in. An exclusive state-run school like this had an incredibly high standard of education as well.

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Here, not only could students receive education from elite teachers, they could develop their interests and hobbies of choice, including various musical instruments.

Every student in the school could choose a musical instrument they preferred to practice and there were specific teachers teaching them how to play.

Just as Yun Jian approached the music room, she heard a jumbled orc.h.e.s.tra of musical notes coming from different musical instruments. The discordant sounds they made were grating one’s ears like unruly noises.

When she stepped even close, she saw the young man who stood in front of the classroom with his long fingers plucking the guitar strings, quiet and gentle like a pool of spring.

Her elder brother, Yun Yi, learned the guitar. He was remarkable at it too.

Before he studied in this school, he had already practiced the guitar. The start of his music journey was due to his junior high teacher. She was a beautiful lady who loved playing the guitar.

When Yun Yi’s interest in guitars grew, his junior high teacher gifted him her guitar when she found out that he liked the instrument but could not afford one for practice.

Yun Yi kept learning on his own then, never once stopping ever since.

"Xiao Jian." Yun Yi who noticed Yun Jian swiftly put his guitar aside and made his way to her.

"Yun Yi." Yun Jian called out with crescent eyes and commented, "You played well".

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Yun Yi made an abashed chuckle and brought Yun Jian into the classroom.

The mix of unharmonious notes was still terrorizing the music room as students practiced diligently on the music instrument of their choice.

"Yun Yi, this adorable girl is?" While Yun Jian was scanning the place, a voice sounded rather abruptly.

A pretty girl who wore a long preppy dress in pink with prominent features stood before Yun Jian checking her out in dismay. Her tone was laced with threat.

Yun Jian was displeased with her first glance at this girl.

"She’s my younger sister, Yun Jian," Yun Yi answered with a smile and introduced the girl to Yun Jian. "She’s Chen Yubing, the pianist for our New Year performance."

The introduction by Yun Yi was brief but Yun Jian noticed that Chen Yubing was stealing peeks at Yun Yi, her adoration for him brimming in her eyes.

Yun Jian also discovered that Chen Yubing who carried a sense of hostility to her changed her conduct after Yun Yi stated that she was his younger sister.

"Wow, so you’re Yun Yi’s younger sister!" Chen Yubing exclaimed before she took a furtive glimpse at Yun Yi. She walked over to hold Yun Jian’s hand like they had known each other since forever, before taking her to the only piano sitting in the music room.

At the same time, she was talking like a broken record, as if afraid that her talent was unknown to others, "It must be your first time here, right? Hah, do you want to learn how to play the piano? I’m not the best now, only making it to grade nine at the moment, but I can teach you a little!"

The way she spoke gave others the feeling that she was an arrogant peac.o.c.k, hardly inducing any fondness from one.

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