The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 273 - A Show-Off. She Knew How To Play Too

Chapter 273 - A Show-Off. She Knew How To Play Too

Although Yun Jian did not like Chen Yubing, she followed her over to the piano.

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She could feel that her brother only saw Chen Yubing as his friend, but it was undeniable that Chen Yubing’s tone when she spoke to her was both pompous and fawning, and the reason was fairly simple – because Yun Yi was her elder brother.

"Come, sit here." Chen Yubing led Yun Jian to sit on the bench before the one and only grand piano in the music room.

She then stood on the side, pressing a few piano keys before her thumb went down on one of a specific key as she told Yun Jian, "This key is Do."

She repeated the motion several times and introduced the keys to Yun Jian respectively.

Yun Jian acted like she knew nothing, nodding along with a small smile.

Yun Yi stood right beside them. He was wearing a smile as well, his cheerful demeanor was a fresh sight. He was handsome, the type who looked fresh and sunny.

Chen Yubing could not be blamed for stealing glances at him repeatedly with infatuation flowing from the bottom of her eyes.

As Yun Yi smiled watching his younger sister sit in front of the piano with a small smile playing on her pretty face, he actually felt glad. After all, he thought that he could have lived life a bit tougher, but he didn’t wish that upon his mother and definitely not for his sister. To forever stay in the lowest class of society was not an option, especially when Qin Yirou had worked her entire life to take care of both of them.

Not everyone could afford to learn the piano during this era.

Yun Yi had high hopes. He hoped that he could study hard and get accepted into a university, graduate, and then be the family’s breadwinner. Not only was he going to take care of his mother, but he would also make life easier for his sister, indulging her with whatever possessions she wished for or any education she d.e.s.i.r.ed.

Of course, he currently had no idea that Yun Jian was the director of New Cruise.

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Chen Yubing could feel Yun Yi watching her teach Yun Jian the piano from where she stood and felt her heart thumping wildly. A thought struck her at the same time – she was going to show off in front of Yun Yi!

"Hey, can you come up for a bit? I’ll play a song for you and then teach you how to play it," Chen Yubing told Yun Jian as softly as she could.

With a grin, Yun Jian stood up straightway. She wanted to see what tricks Chen Yubing had up her sleeves.

Still spotting Yun Yi from the corner of her eyes, Chen Yubing eagerly took over Yun Jian’s seat and placed her hands on the piano, immediately playing a fairly smooth melody.

This was the most familiar song which she could play the best.

As the soft melodious music was played, the students around them who were busy practicing their New Year performance could not help stopping to listen to Chen Yubing. Some had even exclaimed praises.

Chen Yubing espied the compliments from the corner of her eyes, pleased with a hint of pride. She was amazing. How could Yun Yi not like her?

The song thus ended.

Chen Yubing stood up again to let Yun Jian sit in front of the piano again and told her softly, "You can try to play the piece I did by ear and try to pick it up."

Her words were overflowing with pride.

"Mn." Yun Jian nodded and paused for a beat before her fair hands found their place on the piano keys.

Suddenly, they came alive, dancing on the keys and replaying the familiar melody. It was inexplicably melodious and pleasant – but was that not the piece that Chen Yubing had just played?

Yun Yi’s sister knew how to play too? In fact, she was playing better than Chen Yubing who was ninth grade in piano!

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