The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 274 - A Welcoming Party. You Coming?

Chapter 274 - A Welcoming Party. You Coming?

"You know how to play this piece?!" Chen Yubing’s alarmed question sounded with a hint of surprise and embarrassment amidst everyone else’s stupor and Yun Yi’s widened eyes.

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She knew how to play it! Yun Yi’s sister knew how to play the piano!

Chen Yubing’s shock and mortification could not even be described with words.

She had just shown off in front of Yun Jian not knowing that the latter was looking at her like she was a joke! She did not even say anything! Yun Jian did not tell her that she knew how to play, was she waiting for her to make a fool out of herself?

Instantly, Chen Yubing glowered.

"Yeah, Xiao Jian, you knew how to play the piano?" Compared to Chen Yubing’s bewilderment, Yun Yi was much more composed albeit he was also astonished.

"I learned it from Xiao Yan when I was in Xinjiang Town." Yun Jian smiled. She was not making things up. The original owner of this body had gone to Lu Feiyan’s house to pick up some piano playing when they were all still in Xinjiang Town.

Lu Feiyan’s family was better off than Yuan Jian back then, with both her parents working as teachers. Lu Feiyan herself learned the piano from a teacher and the original owner of Yun Jian’s current body used to learn from Lu Feiyan for some time, except that she did not pick up much.

Yun Jian grinned and continued speaking, "But it’s my first time hearing this piece."

First time and she played so well!?

Those in the music room were stunned once more while Chen Yubing stayed frozen on the spot like she was given a harsh slap.

Yun Jian had only heard it once and played it so well? What did that make her then? Practicing this piece almost chafed her fingers off! Chen Yubing paled at the realization.

Yun Yi smiled gladly at what he heard, patting Yun Jian’s head softly with his long fingers. "I see."

He remembered who Lu Feiyan was. That was his younger sister’s best friend.

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"Mm," Yun Jian hummed with a smile and a nod.

"Oh yeah, are you coming home today?" Yun Jian asked, blinking and swiftly changing the topic.

Chen Yubing was directly ignored.

"Mm, yes." Yun Yi thought about it for a second and nodded.

In exchange for a conducive studying environment, it had been weeks since Yun Yi returned home but he knew about the addition to his family, Yun Zhu, and expressed his warmest welcome.

"Let’s go to a restaurant then. Mom isn’t working overtime too. Let’s throw Xiao Zhu a welcoming party," Yun Jian said with a beam.

"Sure!" Yun Yi nodded and went to pack his things to go home with Yun Jian. "Wait for a bit, Xiao Jian. I’ll go back with you."

After that, Yun Yi bid goodbye to his peers and kept his guitar to exit the music room with his sister, all the while never paying attention to Chen Yubing.

As Yun Jian and Yun Yi made their way out of the school toward the road, someone sporting short hair with a short-sleeved t-shirt came walking from the opposite. He was sweaty, looking like he just came back from a run.

It was none other than Xu Haozhe who just finished a run.

As the son of a mafia boss, Xu Haozhe had always kept a habit of training himself.

The moment he saw Yun Jian, he told Yun Yi with a smile, "Yi, your sister’s here to pick you up from school? I’m so envious of you!"

He then greeted Yun Jian.

"Heh." Yun Yi chuckled and extended his invitation to Xu Haozhe. "Zhe, we’re going to a restaurant tonight. You coming?"

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