The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 275 - Little Yun Zhu. Is The Gum Good?

Chapter 275 - Little Yun Zhu. Is The Gum Good?

Yun Jian was not puzzled by Yun Yi’s invitation. After all, Xu Haozhe was his best friend. When they were poorer, he had helped Yun Yi a lot.

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Yun Jian chorused, "Yeah, come along. The more the merrier."

Xu Haozhe laughed flashing his white teeth and said, "It’s so rare that Yun Yi’s sister is inviting me to a restaurant. I’d be silly not to go, wouldn’t I? Haha!"

"That’s set then, Zhe. See you at six at our old place," Yun Yi spoke with a toothy grin as well.

"Mm." Xu Haozhe nodded with a smile.

They then went their separate ways for the day as Yun Yi and Yun Jian went back home together.

Qin Yirou had been wanting to hold a welcoming party a long time ago. Tonight, she invited Dong Ruan and Si Yi as well.

It was said to welcome Yun Zhu but at the same time, she was thanking Dong Ruan for taking her in during her hardest of times.

As for the welcoming party, it was nothing big. It was just a gathering of friends and family to have a meal together and chat over it. It was that simple.

When Yun Jian got home, Qin Yirou was already ready.

She had even changed Yun Zhu into new clothes, making the boy glow brighter in his young charm.

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"Jiejie! Gege1!" When little Yun Zhu saw Yun Jian and Yun Yi, he could not help running over with his short legs to spin around both of them happily.

"Did you listen to the teachers in school, Xiao Zhu?" Yun Jian asked, bending down and pinching Yun Zhu’s chubby cheeks.

"Xiao Zhu is a good boy. The teacher praised Xiao Zhu today!" Yun Zhu puffed his c.h.e.s.t to display his pride.

He looked like he suddenly remembered something and stuck his stubby fingers into his pants pocket and probed around, finally fishing out something. It was a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum.

"Jiejie, Si Yi-gege came to pick Xiao Zhu up in school today. He bought me bubblegum because I was complimented by the teacher. It’s yummy, Xiao Zhu saved two pieces for Jiejie and Gege!" As he spoke, Yun Zhu pulled out the two remaining gums from the pack and thrusted them to Yun Jian and Yun Yi’s hands respectively.

He then stared directly at Yun Jian and Yun Yi in his pink supple cheeks.

When Yun Jian heard Yun Zhu addressing Si Yi as "Si Yi-gege", the corners of her lips twitched. She wore a helpless smile looking at the small boy who was bought over by Si Yi by just a pack of gum, before tearing the wrapper of said gum and tossing it into her mouth under the boy’s anticipated gaze.

Yun Yi did the same.

Right when Yun Jian started chewing the gum, Si Yi appeared by the staircase in a set of black casual wear. With both hands in his pants pockets, there was an adequate sense of leisure on his handsome face. He came down the flight of stairs one at a time with his long legs.

"Si Yi-gege!" Yun Zhu who was standing in front of Yun Jian staring at her and Yun Yi chew gum suddenly called out in excitement.

In the next second, he had sprinted over to Si Yi and stuck himself to him.

Patting Yun Zhu’s head with his fair fingers, but Si Yi’s eyes were instead on Yun Jian. The tenderness in his eyes was unable to be concealed. With a smile, he arched a brow at Yun Jian. "Is the gum good?" Term of endearment. Mandarin for elder brother.

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