The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 276 - Of Course It’s Good. Xiao Zhu, Kick Him

Chapter 276 - Of Course It’s Good. Xiao Zhu, Kick Him

The abruptness of Si Yi’s question froze Yun Jian’s chewing the gum and almost made her swallow it.

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"It’s given by Xiao Zhu, of course it’s good." With her quick thinking, Yun Jian answered with a grin as she watched little Yun Zhu who was attached to Si Yi farther away.

"Hehe, Jiejie, this is Si Yi-gege’s reward to Xiao Zhu!" Yun Zhu stuck his head out from Si Yi’s side and looked at Yun Jian with a giggle, his lively character immensely adorable.

Yun Jian smiled at him and gave Si Yi a grateful look.

She was indebted to her baby brother in their past life. For Si Yi to be so kind to her brother and bringing Xiao Zhu happiness, Yun Jian was sincerely thankful to him.

"Are you all ready? Let’s go!" Qin Yirou hooked arms with Dong Ruan as they came down from the stairs.

Qin Yirou who was upstairs for a moment was wearing a brand new leather coat. Dong Ruan had picked it out for her and the coat complimented her skin tone very well.

With some money saved after their daily expenditure, Qin Yirou did not have to keep wearing her old patched clothes anymore. During the moment of joy, she bit the bullet and bought herself a leather coat to celebrate. Of course, she had also bought plenty of clothes for Yun Jian and Yun Yi before her own purchase..

"Mm, we can go now." Yun Jian’s eyes turned into crescents as she beamed, adoring and pretty in her teenage youth.

She went over to hold Yun Zhu’s hand and all of them made their way out of the house. They were all walking there.

Qin Yirou planned to buy everyone a good meal, so they were eating at Longmen City’s four-star hotel, Crystal Rhythm Hotel. She had only invited Dong Ruan and Si Yi anyway.

Dinner at the hotel would cost significantly more, but she was using her salary that she had been saving for months. She could still afford to buy everyone a meal.

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The Crystal Rhythm Hotel was where Yun Yi and Xu Haozhe had referred to as their "old place". This was where Xu Haozhe was ambushed by a sniper and Yun Jian killed the sniper with a single shot.

When they came to the hotel entrance, Xu Haozhe was already there waiting for them.

Xu Haozhe greeted with a grin when he saw Qin Yirou and Dong Ruan, "Hi, madams."

The boy had met Qin Yirou before. He had talked to her when he was Yun Yi’s best friend, after all.

"Hey, Xiao Zhe, it’s been a while," Qin Yirou greeted happily.

After the greetings were exchanged, Xu Haozhe went to Yun Yi and turned to greet Yun Jian. His tone was teasing. "Hi, Yun Yi’s sister, we meet again! Care to sit down and chat later?"

Just as he flirted, Xu Haozhe felt the temperature of the air around him dropping. Shifting his gaze away from Yun Jian, he saw a handsome guy who stood beside her looking at him with a deep piercing stare.

He looked like he was going to kill him. Xu Haozhe could not help the shudder that ran through him.

"Uh, haha, I’d better sit with Yi later." Xu Haozhe rubbed his nose and chuckled awkwardly.

Pressing her lips together, Yun Jian watched Qin Yirou and Dong Ruan lead the way into the hotel with their arms hooked together before Yun Yi and Xu Haozhe followed. Standing her spot and holding little Yun Zhu’s hand, Yun Jian suddenly swooped down and whispered to Yun Zhu, "Xiao Zhu, kick him."

Si Yi stood beside Yun Zhu, so the little boy was sandwiched right between both of them.

When Yun Zhu heard Yun Jian, he looked up and asked Yun Jian in loud innocence, "Jiejie, why are you asking me to kick Si Yi-gege?"

It was only obvious that Si Yi who stood beside him heard Yun Zhu’s loud question. He raised his brow with a smile.

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