The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 279 - Lu Haoze Says That The Elder Is Back

Chapter 279 - Lu Haoze Says That The Elder Is Back

"Yes – yes, uh, Miss Chen Yubing, excuse us for the night. I’m afraid we can’t shop with you," Qin Yirou chorused, acutely aware that Yun Jian was helping her out of the dilemma.

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"Chen Yubing, it’s time to leave, go home and practice your piano," Yun Yi who had been silent could not help telling the girl off too. His tone brimmed with impatience.

"I..." Chen Yubing who was instantly isolated bit her lips and left begrudgingly after seeing Yun Yi’s annoyed gaze, dropping her reluctant parting. "I’ll be going then. Senior Yun Yi, see you in school!"

Chen Yubing did not sound like she was giving up.

Yun Jian narrowed her brows. She was not going to let a woman like this go near her brother.

Chen Yubing’s appearance had taken a toll on the group’s jolly spirit but it was fortunate that Qin Yirou and Dong Ruan still wore smiles along their way home.

As of now, Yun Jian had no idea that Chen Yubing’s unwillingness to give up on her brother was the cause of the girl’s pathetic end, but this would all be in hindsight.

Si Yi had temporarily left Longmen City to tend to some matters, so Yun Jian did not see him for the next few days. She went back to her usual life anyway.

New Cruise had begun to stabilize. While its sales now were not as astonishing as the period right after the auto show, it was steady with millions to tens of millions Chinese yuan in net profit each month.

Zhang Zhifan and his brothers were over the moon. Never in their dreams had they imagined that they were earning several times more money doing business with Yun Jian than when they were loan sharks. More crucially, their current jobs were honorable!

Zhang Zhifan especially, when he stood in the crowd, would have people pointing at him exclaiming, "Look, that’s New Cruise’s big boss!"

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Yun Jian had millions to tens of millions yuan of income each month as well, a special right she had for being New Cruise’s director.

It was now a few days from the New Year program, approximately one week to go.

The students who had been rehearsing for the show, all busy like bees while Yun Jian who did not sign up for any performance was relatively free.

The New Year Joint Program was a collaborative effort from Yun Jian’s school, Longmen Yi Junior High School, and Yun Yi’s school, Di Yi Senior High School.

The former was the best junior high school in town while the latter was the best senior high school, so both schools came to an agreement. Each school would provide fifteen performances for the New Year Joint Program every year, totaling thirty performances, and all the students in both schools would come together to enjoy the program.

They would have to judge which school was better at performing too, but the activities were just to develop the students’ interests and hobbies.

It was not the day of the program yet but all the kids were already eager and excited.

When school was dismissed on Friday, Yun Jian followed the steady stream of students out of the school alongside Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi.

Four of them had just gotten to the school gate when Yun Jian was stopped by a tall shy boy who seemed thoroughly fl.u.s.tered.

"Hey, Yun Jian," the boy called out to her softly but his voice was swiftly drowned in the ruckus of the students finishing school.

Yun Jian who had a sharp sense of hearing caught it anyway and turned to see Lu Haoze standing on a higher step, ’shouting’ at her with a whisper as quiet as a mosquito buzz.

Her eyes brightened. Could it be the elder who knew about her past life’s master was back?

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