The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 28 - You Look Very MuChapter In Need Of A Beating

Chapter 28 - You Look Very MuChapter In Need Of A Beating

The delight in the faces of the students who had been whispering to each other and gloating about Yun Jian’s situation vanished instantly as their expressions fell.

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In the beginning, they did not believe it when they heard that their classmate Yun Jian had caused the arrogant Lin Mengyu of the first class to be admitted to hospital.

They knew what sort of a person Lin Mengyu was. Not only was she the daughter of their principal, but she was also the leader of the ninth grade mean girls. Her feistiness required no additional mention.

What about Yun Jian? Yun Jian used to be a wimp who stayed invisible in class and dared not make a sound or rebuttal when she was scolded. A fight? How could she?

However, now she had put Lin Mengyu into hospital and shoved her classmates’ words back into their mouth instead of running out with a sob as she used to when they told tales about her.

Even her aura had changed!

"Yun Jian, drop your pretense if you’re that good. We’re just making a few comments about you, not like it’ll do anything. Do you have to be so calculative? What now? You can’t bear hearing what you’ve done being spoken about?"

Among the crowd, a girl as tall as 1.75m stood up and looked snobbishly at Yun Jian with a tipped chin as she talked righteously.

The girl was Mu Xiang. She was average looking but was taller than most boys. Despite being in charge of class sports, she was not really popular among the boys. At the same time, she was extremely jealous of Yun Jian.

Yun Jian was not the tallest but she had a delicate face, the one that you would be fond of at a glance. Her features were pretty too, her complexion clear with rosy cheeks.

It was a stark contrast against Mu Xiang.

This was the reason Mu Xiang was always plotting ways to bully Yun Jian in the original memory of the latter’s body.

With what happened today, Mu Xiang thought that she had caught Yun Jian’s wrongdoing, thus standing up to taunt her.

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"Mu Xiang, be reasonable! You – you – Don’t think that I don’t know that you’re jealous of Xiao Jian being prettier than you. That’s why you keep targeting her. Have some face!" Lu Feiyan lost her cool before Yun Jian and argued for her again.

Mu Xiang whose true demeanor was exposed widened her eyes suddenly. She glared at both Lu Feiyan and Yun Jian, unable to accept the fact that she was uglier than Yun Jian.

"Scram! Who’s jealous of her? Lu Feiyan, stop accusing me! Heh, what are you girls so proud of? The teacher will probably be looking for you later. Haha, I’ll just wait for the two of you to cry later since you dared hit the principal’s daughter! Hmph!" Mu Xiang cussed.

Their classmates watched the fierce argument but no one stepped out to stop them. Most of them were just watching the drama.

Mu Xiang was known to be trouble in class. It was said that she had learned Taekwondo and was harder to beat than Lin Mengyu who was often involved in fights too!

Were they going to fight now?

The students would very much like to find out who was the better fighter between Mu Xiang and Yun Jian who had gotten Lin Mengyu into hospital.

"Do you know why I beat Lin Mengyu up?" Yun Jian crossed her arms in front of herself and scanned the crowd before locking her gaze on Mu Xiang.

The students were stunned.

Mu Xiang and Lu Feiyan were flushed from their heated debate but they, too, were caught off guard by Yun Jian’s words.

Yun Jian was then heard continuing her speech at Mu Xiang.

"Because she’s just like you, looking very much in need of a beating."

The entire class was dead silent. Everyone was shocked.

What sort of reason was that?

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