The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 280 - Of The Elder And Yulong

Chapter 280 - Of The Elder And Yulong

When Yun Jian made her way to him, Zhang Shaofeng and the other two followed.

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Three of them were not unfamiliar to Lu Haoze since they had met him before.

"You guys head over first," Yun Jian turned to the trio and told them.

Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi would report to Zhang Zhifan at New Cruise during the weekends when they did not have to study.

All three of them were determined to learn from Zhang Zhifan and wanted to make something out of themselves in the business world.

"Mm, we’ll go there first." Zhang Shaofeng nodded at Yun Jian and left with Chen Xinyi and Ling Yichen.

Yun Jian turned to Lu Haoze and squinted her eyes, telling him, "Let’s talk somewhere quieter."

They then went to a quiet place. Looking at each other, Lu Haoze flushed again as he was stared at. He was just an adorable little brother. Not daring to meet Yun Jian’s gaze anymore, he lowered his head and told Yun Jian with his eyes now on the ground, "Our elder came back. I told him that you’re looking for him, so he asked me to come to you to see when you’re free to meet."

Lu Haoze had spoken in one mouthful, already blushing like an apple by the time he was done.

"I’m free now," Yun Jian answered with a smile.

Lu Haoze then took her to his house to meet their clan elder.

They went back to the school gate first to take the bus on Route 11 to the east station, then took the bus from there into the village. It took nearly one and a half hours of bumpy rides before they arrived at Lu Haoze’s house.

It was located in a small town where it was some distance away from Xinjiang Town, one on the opposite of another.

Lu Haoze’s family stayed in a Chinese quadrangle. It was not just them, their clan’s direct and extended lineage as well as the elders all lived here.

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The Lu Family was a family of ancient arts, a hidden clan now. All relatives of Lu stayed in the same house and had never split from the main household.

When Yun Jian entered the Chinese quadrangle with Lu Haoze, an old lady who was enjoying the evening breeze sitting in the courtyard shouted when she saw them, "Xiao Ze, you brought back a girl this time! Wow! Is this your girlfriend? She’s very pretty!"

The old lady’s teasing fl.u.s.tered Lu Haoze so much that his ears went red.

He quickly replied, "Granny, don’t be silly. This is my friend, Yun Jian. She’s here to meet the elder."

"Oh, I see. I thought you’ve finally grown up!" The old lady tutted and watched Lu Haoze lead Yun Jian into the house with a grin.

"Uh, my granny likes to tease. Don’t be miffed!" Lu Haoze explained to Yun Jian frantically.

"It’s fine," Yun Jian replied with a beam and crinkled eyes.

"Hahaha, Xiao Ze, you’ve brought her over so soon?" A strong baritone voice of a man rang as an old man in his sixties came in through the door with a smile.

"Elder!" Lu Haoze called out when he saw him.

"Mn." Elder Lu made a dismissive wave to quiet the boy and circled Yun Jian twice before saying, "So you’re his disciple? Tsk, I didn’t expect that old fella to take in a disciple!"

Listening to Elder Lu’s tone, Yun Jian was quick to believe that he knew the old man who had taught her all sorts of knowledge in her past life.

She spoke up impatiently, "Do you know him? Do you know where he is now?"

Elder Lu laughed before he suddenly reeled his expression in and looked serious. He provided no further elaboration when he uttered the words, "Yulong Mainland."

Yun Jian felt her eyes twitch with Elder Lu’s words. Yulong Mainland, the world in the cave of the catacomb!

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