The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 281 - Her Capability And Her Master’s Whereabouts

Chapter 281 - Her Capability And Her Master’s Whereabouts

Right after Elder Lu uttered those words, he returned to his mirthful mien. He was quite a lively old man.

"Hahaha, young lady, have a seat and some tea. We’re in no hurry."

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Elder Lu stroked his goatee beard and pointed to a high stool for Yun Jian to sit down with a beam.

"Mm." Yun Jian followed his invitation, knowing that these matters could hardly be made clear in a word or two.

Lu Haoze stood aside quietly, like a good boy. He made Yun Jian a pot of tea and poured it out to the cup for her.

"Thank you," Yun Jian told him softly with a smile.

In response, the boy went behind Elder Lu shyly.

"Well, young lady, ask away what you’d like to know since you’re that old fella’s disciple. I’ll tell you what I know," Elder Lu said stroking his beard as he sat down in front of Yun Jian.

Yun Jian noticed, from Elder Lu’s replies, that he and her previous life’s master must share a significant relationship.

She did not hurry to ask. Instead, her finger rubbed the teacup gently as she let silence fill the space.

Elder Lu could not help being floored by the young girl’s tenacity.

Suddenly lifting her head, Yun Jian flashed Elder Lu a small smile. "You’re also from Yulong Mainland."

Elder Lu’s hand that had been stroking his goatee froze, not expecting the young girl to not ask a question but...

Yun Jian was making a statement, not posing a question.

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"Girlie! How – how did you know!" Elder Lu patted his c.h.e.s.t as he sprang up in surprise.

"Don’t be bothered by an explanation." Yun Jian grinned and stood up along the old man.

After another beat of silence, she continued. "Elder Lu, if my guess is correct, it’s not just you, everyone in the Lu Family comes from Yulong Mainland."

With her words, even Lu Haoze who stood at the side was stunned. He had never heard of Yulong Mainland but he could discern that this place must not exist on earth.

"Elder..." he could not help calling out to Elder Lu, his tone confused and in disbelief.

Elder Lu looked like he was exposed. Dropping the pretense, he answered with a deep hum, "That’s right. I and the entire Lu Family moved here from the Yulong Mainland."

There was a two-second pause before he continued, "But it’s been many years since I’ve moved here with the Lu Family. Your master and I, it’s also been more than twenty years since we last met!"

"But I can guarantee that he must’ve returned to Yulong Mainland since you can’t find him here in this world!"

"As for anything else regarding the Yulong Mainland, it’s not my place to say it. Young lady, find out yourself if you’re fated!"

His last words were profound, laced with a long sigh.

Elder Lu left with another sigh stroking his beard after that. Yun Jian did not stop him, thinking that her trip here was still fruitful. At least, she knew her master’s whereabouts.

Yulong Mainland. That was the other world that she had accidentally gone to when she went to the catacomb back then.

To be honest, she was relieved at the moment she discovered her teacher’s whereabouts. She had a direction now, knowing where her master had gone to.

It was no wonder that she could not find him despite exerting all her connections and forces in her past life.

He was not even in this world.

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