The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 282 - New Year’s Eve, Her Brother Got Captured

Chapter 282 - New Year’s Eve, Her Brother Got Captured

It was late when Yun Jian came back from Lu Haoze’s house. She did not report to the military training camp today, dropping herself on the bed and falling asleep once she got home.

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Nothing special occurred in the following days either.

Seven days later, the annual New Year Joint Program that the students had been anticipating began officially.

Chen Xinyi had been squealing in excitement since the morning. She was participating in a performance later at night, she was to sing. She had a good voice and could sing very well.

As per tradition, the program was held in the evening, but the girl was already high strung in thrill and nerves early in the morning.

"Stop yowling. Go prepare your song, hah." Zhang Shaofeng snapped his finger on Chen Xinyi’s forehead, shooing her away from Yun Jian and replacing her spot.

"Master, master, I’ve practiced what you taught me, throwing chopsticks a lot, and have been very accurate. I’ll show you when we’re free!" Zhang Shaofeng told Yun Jian excitedly.

With crinkled eyes, Yun Jian nodded.

As the New Year Joint Program was held at night, the students continued with their lessons as usual during the day. Organized by both Longmen Yi Junior High and Di Yi Senior High, the venue of the program was in Yun Yi’s school.

Chen Xinyi had gone there to ready herself in the afternoon since she was one of the performers. She had to do her makeup and change into her outfit, thus the early departure.

It was when evening rolled about that Yun Jian followed the school and walked to Di Yi Senior High School with her peers. The New Year Joint Program had yet to start, so the students were free to roam around the senior high school.

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Yun Jian went to the dressing room for the performers in search of her brother, Yun Yi.

When she walked into the room with light bouncy steps and could not find him after scanning the closed space, a frown settled between her brows.

Her brother was not around?

Under normal circ.u.mstances, it was impossible that Yun Yi was not here. After all, it was going to be time for the New Year Joint Program’s opening ceremony and Yun Jian knew that Yun Yi’s performance was slotted early in the program.

"Jianjian! Jianjian!" Someone scurried into the dressing room in a panic.

Chen Xinyi whose makeup was only half done sprinted over and grabbed Yun Jian’s hand, panting and pushing her words out in between breaths, "Jianjian, I saw your brother being hauled away by some thugs just now. Sounds like it’s for a girl. They say they’re going to beat him up. Go have a look, quick!"

Chen Xinyi huffed and puffed. She was doing her makeup just now when a group of people bolted through the door and dragged a guy out forcefully as they outnumbered him. When she got a closer look, she was shocked to see that it was her Jianjian’s elder brother!

Listening to the delinquents’ curses, they seemed to be seizing him because of a girl.

Chen Xinyi left her half completed makeup and flew out of the door in search of Yun Jian. Making a round trip of the school, she sprinted here when she heard that Jianjian had come to the dressing room.

To seek trouble right before the New Year Joint Program, those guys were definitely up to no good.

Yun Jian scowled at what she was told. Her heart lurched when she heard that Yun Yi got captured by the delinquents because of a girl and the first one that came into her mind was Chen Yubing.

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