The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 283 - Her Warning, She Would Do It

Chapter 283 - Her Warning, She Would Do It

"Where did they go?" Yun Jian ran out following Chen Xinyi.

"Over there! I saw them heading there!" Chen Xinyi did not even get to catch her breath before she hastily led Yun Jian outside.

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They headed towards Di Yi Senior High School’s field.

As the New Year Joint Program was starting, there was close to nobody on the field right now. Even the teachers were bustling about for the show, so this became a perfect spot for brawls.

Outnumbered, Yun Yi was currently held down by the shoulders by the delinquents. There was no sense of fear on his handsome face. Instead, a blonde-haired guy who stood in front of him was pointing a finger at him and cursing, "Do you f*cking know who I am! How dare you have eyes on my woman? Chen Yubing is my woman, how dare you want her for yourself!?"

The blonde-haired guy was spatting angrily, his saliva nearly splattering on Yun Yi’s cheeks.

"Heh." Yun Yi let out a chuckle but did not see the effort for him to explain.

He was snatching Chen Yubing with this dude? Was this dude joking?

"Wow, you’re f*cking laughing!" Blonde-hair widened his narrow slit-like eyes in a glare and tightened his fist, about to crash it on Yun Yi.

"No! Brother Huang, stop!" A soft feminine voice cut in just in time.

With her long hair swishing behind her, Chen Yubing’s brows were furrowed as she ran over to them anxiously.

"Brother Huang, don’t beat up Senior Yun Yi! Don’t fight him for me... don’t..." She looked both frightened and worried.

It sounded just like she really had some relationship going on with Yun Yi.

Blonde-hair was possibly more furious hearing what she said. Looking at Chen Yubing, his tone softened a little as he told her, "Bingbing, just watch. I’ll show this kid the price of trying to snatch my woman. This is a competition between us men!"

Chen Yubing’s earlier statement had thoroughly twisted the truth. She even made the blonde-hair guy think that she was the innocent one and Yun Yi was the one fighting for her over him.

With that said, blonde-hair raised his leg and was going to kick Yun Yi’s stomach, the latter currently held down by his underlings. The moment he did, a stone the size of a fist flew toward blonde-hair’s raised leg.

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At that exact moment, the stone hit an acupoint on his leg at an amazing speed with a clap.


A pang jolted right from his leg. Blonde-hair retracted his raised kick and kneeled down onto the ground in pain.

On the other side, Yun Jian who threw the stone and Chen Xinyi who took her here stalked over.

"Did you ask me before you decided to beat my brother up?" Yun Jian breathed out, cold piercing eyes scanning her vicinity.

"Xiao Jian!" Yun Yi wore a sunny grin when he saw his sister and recalled her remarkable skills.

"F*ck you, how dare you throw a stone at me! Little girl, you’re very bold, aren’t you? Do you know who I am..." blonde-hair cried out from the ground.

Before he could finish, he was hit in the head with a flying shoe.

In a blink of an eye, Yun Jian had beaten his other members and even kicked one of their shoes flying straight at blonde-hair’s face.

Then, her slow-paced words of warning came. "I don’t know who you guys are but remember, if there’s a next time, this knife will go stabbing right into your hearts."

Somehow, Yun Jian was already toying with a butterfly knife in her palm halfway through her threat, the weapon appearing like a magic trick.

"Do you f*cking dare?" blonde-hair shouted agitatedly, feeling his ego as a man being stepped on as he was hit right in the face with a shoe and then threatened blatantly.

"You can try!" Yun Jian raised her voice and tossed the butterfly knife in her grip.

Blonde-hair and his friends shuddered because as they watched Yun Jian speak, the butterfly knife that she threw was hurled right into Chen Yubing’s braid.

Almost, just a tiny bit more, the butterfly knife would be penetrating Chen Yubing’s head instead of her hair.

She would do it! Blonde-hair and the others shook in fear.

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