The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 284 - The Start of The Show, The Instance of An Accident

Chapter 284 - The Start of The Show, The Instance of An Accident

With an elaborate hairstyle so she could stand out on stage for her performance, Chen Yubing felt the butterfly knife coming at her in the first instance. Right after that, she even felt the penetration of the blade into her hair.

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Petrified, she screamed immediately.

"Heh, afraid now?" Yun Jian shifted her gaze to Chen Yubing.

She stalked over to her, pulling out her butterfly knife from Chen Yubing’s head with a flat smile.

All Yun Jian’s patience was lost when she looked at Chen Yubing. She told her directly, "My brother doesn’t like you. Best if you stop this as soon as you can. I’ll put it out now, if there’s a next time, I’ll blow your head up!"

When Yun Jian was on her last line, she flashed the butterfly knife in her hand.

Chen Yubing, blonde-hair and his members paled from the threatening scare.

"Senior Yun Yi, is this true?" Chen Yubing who was always confident did not believe what Yun Jian said. She was outstanding. How could there be a guy who did not like her? How could Yun Yi not like her?

"What Xiao Jian said is exactly what I think," Yun Yi replied. At the same time, he patted the suit on him, trying to smooth away any dust on it.

For the performance on stage today, he had changed into a fitting suit. Right now, Yun Yi looked just like a gentleman who walked out of a fairytale, charming and tender.

Listening to his words, Chen Yubing dropped to the ground like her energy was sapped away. She clenched her fists, her gaze burning with indignation.

Why? Why was that shameless girl Yun Jian doing this?

It must be her! It must be her who forced her brother to say that he did not like her!

Chen Yubing was brilliant, she would never believe that there could be a man who could escape her!

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She was not going to stop until she got what she wanted!


Yun Yi managed to escape the plight today.

If Yun Jian did not get to him in time, it was inevitable that he had to fight blonde-hair and his men. When that happened, he would surely get his clothes dirty.

The New Year Joint Program was about to begin as well. If Yun Jian had not come and stopped the brawl, Yun Yi might be held back so long that he would not get to perform in time.

Fortunately, he was now prepared to go on stage while Chen Xinyi was rushing back to the dressing room to get the rest of her makeup done.

Yun Jian went to the audience seat following the students, taking her seat with her peers who were watching the show.

Yun Yi’s performance was the first program. He played the guitar well and put up an exceptional performance. When the song ended, he won a round of applause.

When Chen Xinyi went up on stage for her performance, her act was exactly halfway through the program.

The New Year Joint Program was not exempted from a limited choice of performances. It was mostly singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, acting in a sketch, and whatnot.

Not too long after Chen Xinyi sang and received thunderous claps, the microphone for stage use was picked up by a teacher who ran in frantically.

Holding the mic, the teacher called out to the students in a panicky voice, "Kids, quick! Leave the venue right now! Lawbreakers have appeared in a factory nearby the school and have installed a time bomb there!"

"It’s said to be the newest model of bombs with immensely explosive power! If the bomb explodes, this place here is going to get blown into oblivion!"

"Bomb disposal experts have gone there to defuse it now but they have yet to deactivate the bomb. To prevent any accidents from happening, the police have informed everyone around the area to leave instantly. Students, follow me now and leave the school, come on!"

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