The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 285 - A Time Bomb, Leave Now

Chapter 285 - A Time Bomb, Leave Now

The teacher blurted everything in one breath. Due to the urgency of the matter, he did not even catch his breath in between.

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It was noble of him. If he were someone who only cared for himself, he would have fled alone the moment he discovered the severity of the incident. It was impossible that he risked his life and ran here to inform all the students to leave.

"Huh! What? There’s a bomb around here?"

"Will we die?"

"Sob, I don’t want to die, run!"


Just as the teacher finished, the students were overwhelmed with emotions. All of their expressions mirrored each other, in fear and terror.

The scene broke into a commotion as everyone was running for the exit.

"Students! Don’t push around! Don’t panic! Leave the venue orderly!" There were teachers who stepped up in feigned calmness, to handle the situation when an emergency like this happened.

Although the New Year Joint Program had yet to end, everyone ignored this fact when their life was at stake. Teachers directed the students in making their exits orderly but there were still people who were so petrified that they could not even move their legs, like Chen Yubing who had just returned.

Chen Yubing felt her legs freeze from the fear. If she met something like this in the past, she would definitely cling to Yun Yi. When she looked over to Yun Yi out of habit, however, she saw Yun Jian standing next to him a step earlier.

Yun Jian was in no hurry to leave. She went to her brother and told him, "Yun Yi, you leave first."

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After that, she turned to head to the factory with said time bomb.

Yun Yi’s brows creased immediately as he grabbed his sister’s arm, questioning, "What are you going to do there, Xiao Jian?"

"Don’t mind me. Just leave now. We have ten minutes left before the bomb explodes. If it’s not diffused within ten minutes, this place is going down," Yun Jian answered looking up at Yun Yi.

"What about you?" Yun Yi raised his voice over the crowd, unable to stand and watch when he knew that his sister was going to the factory when all of them were well aware that a time bomb was there.

Just as Yun Jian was going to speak up, Zhang Shaofeng’s loud shout came from the side, "Master, why are you guys still here? Come on, let’s go now!"

During a critical moment like this, everyone was preoccupied with running for their life, all of them thinking to leave the place at once.

When Yun Jian turned around, she saw all three of Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen and Chen Xinyi looking back at her anxiously. It would be hypocritical of her to say that she was not moved. All of them had not fled following the stream of people despite the crisis; instead, they ran back to her to flee together.

"You guys leave first!" Yun Jian repeated herself again.

The reason she was not leaving with them was because Ge Junjian had texted all Special Forces about the time bomb in the factory at the first instance. Ten minutes was all that was left before the detonation.

Worst, the time bomb installed in the factory was the new innovation that Gu Sha Mercenaries had uniquely devised – AK4!

Other than high-ranking members of Gu Sha, the bomb disposal experts here probably would not even know how to defuse this new design of a bomb.

Yun Jian could have just ignored it, but since she was already an official Special Forces member, she could not turn a blind eye on the incident now.

She was also curious why Gu Sha’s AK4 would appear here when this newest model belonged solely to her organization!

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