The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 286 - Make Way, I’ll Defuse The Bomb

Chapter 286 - Make Way, I’ll Defuse The Bomb

"I’ll be fine, I promise!" Yun Jian vowed when she saw Yun Yi and the trio standing rooted in waiting for her to leave together. She flashed her pearly whites. "I’m just going to have a look. I’m not stupid. I won’t go on a suicide mission."

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She was naturally saying that to placate her brother and friends.

"But Xiao Jian, you..." Yun Yi was still worried. His younger sister was skilled but that did not mean she could outrun an explosion.

"Yun Yi, when have I ever lied to you? Make a quick escape now. You guys will be safe as long as you’re more than two kilometers away. The farthest the bomb will affect is within two kilometers," Yun Jian replied.

With his sister’s assurance, Yun Yi finally let go of his grip on her arm. He clenched his fists instead, his knuckles cracking from the motion.

"Alright, we’ll go. Xiao Jian, you got to come back safe!" Yun Yi told Yun Jian through his gritted teeth with a tone brimming with concern.

"Mm, I know." With that, Yun Jian turned on her heels to run to the factory.

Yun Yi’s fists were tightly gripped; for the first time, he felt useless.

What happened in the past, including him being caught by Yellow-hair and his guys, was ultimately resolved by his younger sister, by her protecting him.

As her elder brother, he could only stand behind her! Even when he watched Yun Jian leave for the factory with the ticking time bomb, he could do nothing against it.

It was not that he feared death so he did not go with her. Yun Yi was more afraid of becoming a burden.

This was also his first time ever thinking of becoming stronger.

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Yun Jian’s running pace accelerated. If there were still pedestrians on the street, they would feel a gust of wind speeding past them.

The factory was only several meters on the opposite side of Di Yi Senior High School.

The police had put up barrier tape around the area and residents had been evacuated. As Yun Jian sprinted to her destination, she was stopped by a policeman before she passed through the police tape.

"Young girl! It’s dangerous here! Some terrorists have put a time bomb in there! You need to leave this place right now!" the policeman who stood guard at the tape shouted at her.

Before the bomb disposal team reported any update on the situation, the police’s duty was to stay guard and prevent anyone from coming close.

If, in the end, the bomb squad failed to disarm the explosive, they would withdraw to a safe place in the shortest time possible, being the last batch to leave.

"Let me in if you don’t want to die from the bomb." Yun Jian ignored the police officer’s warning. Her brows were knitted together as she was about to step into the taped territory.

"Stand there, don’t move! This really isn’t a place you can come in, girl. The bomb squad is making their last effort of salvation right now. Don’t disrupt them with your reckless behavior. You won’t be able to pay for this mistake!"

The policeman blocked her with his body when he saw that she was going to barge in regardless, his warning now tinged with impatience.

Yun Jian did not linger to argue with the officer. Without a run-up, she somersaulted in the air and went over the police tape. Upon landing, she ran into the factory under the policeman’s shocked gaze, it was too late for him to stop her.

A cylinder time bomb was placed boldly right in the center of the factory, alongside a rapidly ticking timer with the remaining seconds on display.

A few bomb disposal specialists were surrounding the explosive with cold sweat dotting their foreheads. The internal structure of the time bomb was far more complicated than what they had expected. They had never even seen a bomb like this!

Just when they were ready to give up dismantling the device and for the last batch of the frontline to make their last preparations for everyone to withdraw out of the explosive range, a melodious voice of a girl rang at the door. "Make way, I’ll defuse the bomb."

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