The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 287 - Tiger.Leopard’s Toy-Like Creation

Chapter 287 - Tiger.Leopard’s Toy-Like Creation

The sweet youthful and confident girlish sound caused the bomb squad as well as the police and SWAT who were anticipating the bomb disposal experts’ results looked up toward the door to see a fair girl fifteen or sixteen of age who wore a smirk while emanating her pure beauty.

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It was undeniable that Yun Jian was a stunning beauty. Even if she was placed amongst other pretty girls, she would still stand out.

"Where did you come from? Get out now! This is an emergency! How did they even let troublemakers in at this time and state! The experts need uninterrupted space to think and defuse the explosive properly. Get this girl out right now!"

A short officer who stood at the front most area with stubbles on his face and actually wore a SWAT uniform shouted with a finger at Yun Jian.

It was painfully obvious that this officer was the higher ranking superior to the police and SWAT in the factory.

It was only expected that what Yun Jian said just now, coupled with her age, would only make others assume that she was here to cause troubles. It was understandable.

Yun Jian did not respond to the officer’s shout, making her way directly to where the time bomb was.

"What’s she doing! Capture her! Don’t let the girl touch the bomb! The blast is powerful. If it blows up, all of us are going to die!"

The short SWAT officer with stubbles quickly cried out again when he saw her walking toward the bomb.

This bomb was powerful. The explosive yield of the dynamite in it was different from common explosives. Once this one detonated, anything within the range of one kilometer would surely be swept by devastating collateral damage.

"It’s going to be too late," Yun Jian suddenly spoke up as she took a glance at the countdown timer on the bomb.

The SWAT officers who were instructed to encircle her and take her out of the place halted their steps. What was this girl saying?

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"The bomb will explode in 5 minutes and 35 seconds. Do you guys think you can dismantle the newest AK4 when you haven’t even come across it?"

"And you’re underestimating its strength! Once this bomb erupts, it’s blasting anything within two kilometers. Do any of you think you can run more than two kilometers away in the last five minutes?"

Yun Jian’s words blared the siren in everyone’s mind. It was too late to start withdrawing now!

The bomb squad who were standing around the explosive broke out in cold sweat. It was not like they did not know that this explosive device was almost impossible to disarm with their current capability, but who were they? Experts!

It was because of this inkling of ego that they wanted to try defusing the bomb and delayed announcing that they could not defuse it so they could ask everyone to evacuate.

Now, especially, a girl came out of nowhere and declared that they would not be able to dismantle the bomb. The experts were infuriated.

One of the squad members roared out of his anger, "Come do it if you’re so good then!"

Just as Yun Jian wished, she strode over in light steps.

"No way! We’re the experts! Could a girl like her achieve what we can’t even do? Let’s just announce evacuation!" another expert cried out.

Before this person was halfway through his words, Yun Jian was already in front of the time bomb.

The AK4 time bomb was a creation of one of her Gu Sha Mercenaries’ commanders, Tiger.Leopard, Yun Jian’s right-hand man other than Snake.Lizard.

Since the product of his creation came into the world, no bomb disposal expert had ever managed to defuse it. Despite that, how could Yun Jian not know what Tiger.Leopard came up with?

Who would have known that the newest AK4 time bomb that everyone said to be the hardest to defuse was disarmed by Yun Jian within ten seconds? The bomb, to her, was more like a toy.

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