The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 29 - Choice Of Senior High School. Meeting Once Again

Chapter 29 - Choice Of Senior High School. Meeting Once Again

Mu Xiang was stunned before she caught on swiftly that Yun Jian was throwing insults at her in a roundabout way. Infuriated, she instantly pointed at Yun Jian and lashed out. "You’re the one in need of a beating! Yun Jian, don’t think that you’re great just because you’ve beaten Lin Mengyu up. Let me tell you, if it weren’t for the punishment for fighting in school, I’ll whack you down on the floor and let you stay there!"

As she spoke, she rolled up her sleeves for intimidation.

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She was trained in Taekwondo, after all!

Fighting had always been an ability that Mu Xiang was proud of.

She had started learning Taekwondo since elementary school and was already blue-red belt now!

It was not a high belt level but Mu Xiang was very confident in tackling Yun Jian.

Yun Jian smirked, suddenly feeling that Mu Xiang’s temper was just like a baby. She turned around to ignore Mu Xiang and signaled at Lu Feiyan before returning to her seat.

If they continued arguing, it would be endless. She did not have the time.

"Afraid huh, Yun Jian? Hmph, this isn’t settled, I tell you! Just you wait!" Mu Xiang threatened Yun Jian angrily when she saw that the latter left without responding to her.

"I’m waiting." Yun Jian was already back to her seat. Turning around, she wore a sly smile.

Those who wanted her dead were as significant as assassins and secret agents on international ranking, to as petty as politicians but since when had she been afraid?

What was more, this was just a threat from a junior high school girl.


The morning slipped away in a chorus of textbook recital. Teachers gave their lessons one after another but none had come for Yun Jian about the incident of last Friday.

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Yun Jian herself felt rather puzzled.

Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan sat on a grass patch during the free time in PE in the afternoon and watched their classmates play in the field.

"Xiao Jian, we’re in ninth grade now and the senior high school entrance exam is approaching. Have you thought about the senior high of your choice?" Lu Feiyan asked while she stirred the soil on the grass patch holding a branch.

"Longmen City’s top senior high school," Yun Jian replied casually.

Longmen City’s top senior high school was the most prominent high school in the city. It was also the school her elder brother Yun Yi attended.

Yun Jian wanted to study there too.

Once Lu Feiyan heard her, however, her eyes bulged. "That’s the best senior high school in our city. The admission score is incredibly high! There’s probably only one or two students from our school who could qualify. Xiao Jian..."

It was not that Lu Feiyan looked down at Yun Jian. Yun Jian’s result was honestly not the best in the past.

It was difficult for her to even score within the top hundred in their year.

Only students who scored the first few places in their year would qualify for a chance to apply for the prominent high school.

"I’ll get it. We still have a year to study, haven’t we?" Yun Jian blinked and smiled.

She had already fully comprehended the syllabus of junior high school in her past life. There was nothing to worry about.

"Hey, Yun Jian! You guys have PE for this period too?" A familiar voice of a boy cut in when Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan chatted.

Yun Jian turned to see Li Xiangyi whom she met yesterday morning standing before them. He held a basketball in his hands too, obviously here to play the game.

She also saw a group of boys behind Li Xiangyi, the same group she saw gaming with him in the internet café yesterday.

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