The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 290 - Let Her In. Have A Grappling Hook?

Chapter 290 - Let Her In. Have A Grappling Hook?

It was not just the women in the villages who loved gathering around to tell tales. Well-to-do women in the city could spin stories up when they got together too.

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When Yun Jian passed them by, she could not help snickering at them inwardly.

She then made her way to the residential building that was encircled.

Since the spectacle was a good distance away, Yun Jian became prominent when she left the crowd and walked toward the empty area where no one dared go near.

"Look, the young girl is heading over there! Didn’t she see the SP around the place! The criminal is still up there too! She’s too bold!"

The woman who spoke the most just now could not help blurting.

The spectators were roused at that but no one stepped up to stop Yun Jian with kind warnings like "Young lady, it’s dangerous. Come back now".

"Young lady, it’s too dangerous here! Step back quickly!" It was, instead, a Special Forces member who saw Yun Jian from afar and waved at her to stop her from going forward, thinking that she was oblivious to the situation.

Yun Jian was already approaching the building by now.

"Oh my god, the girl doesn’t know what’s good for her! The SP told her to stop! Humph, she doesn’t even know she’s gonna die for not listening to the police now!" the same woman commented again like she had the bird’s-eye view on the situation.

"Yeah!" those around her chorused.

The woman who was slotted among the crowd suddenly felt like she was the all-knowing god and could answer all the questions these people around her. The people who were so foolish that they did not know anything.

"Let her in!" A SWAT member came sprinting from afar. It was the one who apologized to Yun Jian in the factory not too long ago.

When he saw her leave and thought that he should at least apologize since she had saved all of them, he gave chase. It never crossed his mind that Yun Jian could run so fast! He nearly lost his breath from sprinting and finally caught up to her.

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"I’m SWAT Special Duties Unit member, Zhang Weiguo. The time bomb is successfully defused now and the explosive was disarmed by this young lady here! So, let her in!" SWAT member Zhang Weiguo shouted at the Special Forces on the other side as he ran.

His purpose of divulging the information was to help Yun Jian so she could get through the Special Forces, but he had no idea that his words had shocked everyone around him who was listening.

What on earth? The bomb was defused by this young girl!?

What about the bomb squad then?

A young lady defusing a time bomb. Was this the reality that they were living in?

It was not just the civilians, the Special Forces were dumbfounded as well.

Yun Jian was already right in front of the residence. As if she was not aware of the startled gazes everyone was throwing her way, she went to the Special Forces member who kindly stopped her from coming over just now and asked, "You have a grappling hook?"

The man was stunned after finding out that Yun Jian was the one who dismantled the bomb. Before he processed what Yun Jian asked, he was already answering in a daze, "Yes."

Then, he retrieved it from his rucksack.

Accepting the device, Yun Jian made her way to the building swiftly.

Everyone knew that the hostages were taken to the sixth floor.

Looking at Yun Jian again, was she climbing up using the grappling hook? Could it be done? This was the sixth floor!

Without any safety equipment and using only a grappling hook, could she go up there?

The spectators watched on in shock.

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