The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 291 - Out Of Line, Out Of Sight

Chapter 291 - Out Of Line, Out Of Sight

While everyone was still caught in disbelief, Yun Jian was already springing up the wall as she tossed the grappling hook.

Leveraging on the momentum of the flying hook as it caught the edge of the building, Yun Jian’s small and lithe form leaped and followed the hook as she hung in the air. Her feet seemed to grow eyes of their own as they found purchase on the building’s nooks and crannies, moving swiftly and smoothly.

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It seemed to be the blink of an eye to those watching when Yun Jian came to the window of the sixth floor climbing the wall of the residence.

The sight of Yun Jian standing by the edge of the window without any protective or safety gears gave shudders to everyone watching from afar.

What would happen if she fell off by accident?

On the other hand, the Special Forces who stood guard downstairs widened their eyes at the same sight. They had come up with countless methods to slip into the building and save the hostages. It was not like no one had thought of climbing up the sixth floor with the grappling hook but no one dared to do it!

Even when they were intensively trained, no one could climb all the way up to the sixth story with just a grappling hook! That could only be achieved with more equipment.

As for the other members of the Special Forces who had sneaked inside through other means, they had not returned for a long time, hinting at the fact that they were most probably caught by the criminal.

During then, Yun Jian had flipped herself over and into the window on the sixth floor that she had opened.

"She’s up! She’s really up there! The girl sneaked in!" Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

The Special Forces who surrounded the residential building sprang into action as well. A group of them ran toward the staircase and silently up to the sixth level after Yun Jian made her way in through the window.

Yun Jian who had gotten herself into the sixth floor checked her surroundings once more. From where she flipped herself in, she saw a bed with a huge wedding portrait hung over the top. This was definitely the owner’s, so it was easy to distinguish that the room she was in was a bedroom.

The person who had previously strapped the AK4 time bomb, unique to Gu Sha, and held this household hostage must be in the living room outside of this bedroom.

With narrowed eyes, Yun Jian’s steps were light and soft without a sound.

She came to the bedroom door with her right hand holding the doorknob and her left hand lingering to hold her dagger that was ready for any unexpected scenarios.

The door was opened with nearly no noise as Yun Jian sprinted two steps forward right after that. In spite of it, it had still alerted the criminal and hostages in the living room.

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As if spotting their position, the dagger in Yun Jian’s grip flew out simultaneously.

"Tschhh!" The sound of blade cutting skin felt unsettling.

Before Yun Jian could see what the criminal looked like, she had pinpointed his location and threw her daggers.

The criminal was skilled. Rolling away as swift as lightning, he managed to avoid Yun Jian’s flying daggers but the blades had still brushed past him and wounded him lightly.

It was only then Yun Jian witnessed the situation while the criminal scanned the young girl who successfully sneaked in unnoticed despite being in a range of his senses.

Yun Jian discovered that there were a few victims whom the criminal had taken hostage.

The man and woman were probably the owners of this unit while a few men dressed in Special Forces uniforms were tied beside them. All of them had black tape over their mouths.

There was no doubt that the several SF members here were sent up to spy on the situation only to be caught by the criminal instead and taken hostage as well.

What surprised Yun Jian, however, was none of these. It was the fact that this criminal was from Gu Sha Mercenaries! He was one of the high-ranking members!

That said, he was against Yun Jian in the organization.

The person’s pseudonym was Hound, an underling of Gu Sha’s ex-boss, and currently had some influence in Gu Sha Mercenaries.

There must be a reason that he was now here in Longmen City!

Yun Jian made a small squint with a dark gaze. Suddenly, she narrowed her eyes again, a piercing gleam flashing across them.

Whatever the reason might be, this person had nearly caused havoc by setting up a bomb that only Gu Sha possessed. He had broken Gu Sha’s explicitly stated rule – one must not act out of line and stir up trouble with Gu Sha’s name.

Apparently, Hound had dismissed this rule.

Yun Jian was going to remove this person out of sight today, considering it as a warning to the underlings of the ex-boss who had been eager to take action!

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