The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 292 - Rampant Hound Leashed By The Organization’s Rules

Chapter 292 - Rampant Hound Leashed By The Organization’s Rules

"Hah..." Hound who was grazed by Yun Jian’s daggers narrowed his eyes at Yun Jian as he snickered. The sound itself was unnerving.

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Other than Yun Jian, everyone else in the unit, the man and woman as well as the Special Forces members who were caught as they sneaked in, were tied up with black tape shutting their mouths.

Hound was pretty noteworthy in Gu Sha. As a high-ranking member there, he was not weak in both stature and identity.

Yun Jian set her gaze on Hound with a smirk.

Both of them kept their eyes on each other without making a move.

The reason Yun Jian stayed still was because she knew that Hound was also skilled. If she had the stamina and strength of her past life, she could overcome him in seconds but it was just not realistic to ask the same from her currently.

Hound was not ranked in the international assassin ranking but he was multiple times better than Wolf Blade who ranked tenth in the chart whom Yun Jian had killed previously.

Whilst both of them were engaged in a staring contest to gauge each other’s capability, the Special Forces who were bound on the floor with tapes over their mouth felt their eyes bulging.

When they crept into the unit, they fought with Hound and found out how skilled he was. Yet, Yun Jian’s flying daggers were able to wound him when she sneaked in. It proved how capable the young girl was as well! She might even surpass this bulky Hound in front of them!

Of course, these Special Forces had no idea that Hound’s skill would have been trash and would be killed in a matter of seconds if Yun Jian had recovered the stamina and strength she had in her previous life.

A battle between professionals was predominantly a test of their tenacity.

Yun Jian was usually staunched. Rooted in her place and looking at Hound with an ever ready stance to battle, she kept her position with a slight smirk.

In the end, it was Hound who failed to keep it in and spoke first. With a grin that looked menacing thanks to the scar across his face, his tone was certain as he stared at Yun Jian. "You’re not from the police!"

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He took a beat of pause before he cackled and said, "Just with these Special Forces, they’re disappointingly weak!"

It was derisive.

Right after he spoke, the tied-up and gagged Special Forces made noises against the tape but the most they could do was thrashing around.

Hound’s purpose was actually to distract Yun Jian and if she were an average person, she would have been tricked. It was a pity that she was not.

"Heh." Her only response was a chuckle.

Immediately after her chuckle, however, the unit’s door was smashed open from the outside, Special Forces rushed in who had been standing guard downstairs. Even the one who warned Yun Jian against coming over just now was amongst the squad.

It was plain that they charged in to seize the criminal at the time they deemed appropriate.

"Tsk, tsk." The squad surrounded Hound swiftly but the latter did not show a hint of fear. His scorned with even more contempt, taunting the Special Forces, "This is all Country Z’s Special Forces have? Hah, you guys have to depend on a little girl to barge in here!"

The ridicule enraged the Special Forces.

"F*ck you, son of a b*tch!" someone cursed aloud among the Special Forces at once.

Yun Jian’s gaze was cast lower now but she tipped her chin up. The small smile that graced her small pretty face jarringly seeped with a threat.

With her eyes on Hound, she spoke assertively, "Stirring up troubles under the Gu Sha name. Hound, do you not know the organization’s rules?!"

Everyone felt a twitch in their eyes at Yun Jian’s abrupt words, even when Hound was having the upper hand and the latter froze at her words.

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