The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 293 - The Way Of A Secret Agent. Ta-ta, Hound

Chapter 293 - The Way Of A Secret Agent. Ta-ta, Hound

This girl knew his pseudonym!

She even knew about Gu Sha Mercenaries’ rules!

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Hound was flabbergasted.

The Special Forces were stunned as well but it was not because of what Yun Jian said. It was because Yun Jian had spoken to Hound not in Mandarin but in Hindi!

No, they did not understand Hindi themselves. They were shocked because a young girl like Yun Jian could speak a foreign language – and listening to her accent, she sounded just like a native!

Right after Hound snapped out of his stupor, he suddenly reeled in his previous menace and put on a stern mask. His eyes remained on Yun Jian, glinting murderously, as he asked, "Who are you!"

"You’re unworthy to know who I am!" Yun Jian answered in Mandarin this time and her flagrant tone nonplussed Hound and the Special Forces yet again.

Hound was a Gu Sha high-ranking member but his status was not among the highest handful. He secured a spot of his own in the organization but he was not among the elites. At least, he would not make the least bit of difference for Gu Sha when Yun Jian killed him today.

"Sh*t!" Hound was not a reckless person but he was one who could never stand provocation.

It was obvious from how he spoke first when he and Yun Jian stared down at each other just now.

Yun Jian’s brazen and arrogant words ticked him off instantly.

There was no change in Yun Jian’s expression, but it was because no one noticed that her lips were tugged upward.

Hound’s weakness was looking down on the weak and being too brash, easily exploding in anger from instigations.

As expected, Yun Jian’s Hindi reminder to Hound earlier was enough to rile him up and he began guessing her identity. Her mock just now then thoroughly infuriated him.

"I’m unworthy to know? You’re asking to be killed!" With a low growl, Hound clenched his fist as he raised it up. The force of his large and sturdy knuckles was frightening just to look at.

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With the steel grip, he hurled it toward Yun Jian.

"Careful!" the Special Forces shouted at Yun Jian, gasping involuntarily at the sight.

Yun Jian stood straight, her long hair fluttering in the still air of the room due to Hound’s incoming punch.

As the unit owners and the Special Forces watched them, Yun Jian’s arms spread as she leaned back to form a bridge shaped posture, avoiding Hound’s punch that came from the side. Her deflect was so fast that it almost looked like a trick to one’s eyes.

What was shocking, however, was not that. With an intentional dip of her feet, Yun Jian’s petite frame flipped to the left and she came to the back of Hound.

Not expecting Yun Jian to be so dexterous, Hound’s frown deepened, so did the frustration he felt. If he did not kill this young girl who was spewing nonsense and even told him "You’re unworthy to know who I am", he would brand himself dog instead!

Wrath and spite crackled as they burned within Hound but Yun Jian’s speed was instantaneous.

Yun Jian’s arms, smooth and lithe like a snake, crept up to Hound’s arms in the next second.

The scene that greeted everyone next looked like this...

Yun Jian caught Hound’s arms. With an abrupt strength, she hauled Hound up directly pulling on his arms and slammed him down on the floor with his back facing up!

Hound failed to react at the speediness of her counter.

As Yun Jian was hurling Hound up with his back facing the ceiling, her fair arms came free before the man landed and her hands grabbed onto his neck where his spine was.


The brute eerie sound came up before a low thud of Hound falling to the floor sounded as silence took over.

Breaking the spine that supported the human body and killing the person instantly – this was the way of assassins and secret agents in movies!

The Special Forces and the unit owners had their mouths hung open looking at Hound who was now dead on the floor when he had just been broiling before. They shifted their gazes to Yun Jian and felt a change in their emotion.

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