The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 295 - Defused The Bomb, Friends

Chapter 295 - Defused The Bomb, Friends

"It’s me."

Yun Jian’s tone was flat, her emotions unreadable, but her answer washed over everyone like a wave of ecstasy.

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"I have to get going." It was only then Yun Jian recalled that she came out just now with the purpose of defusing the bomb. It had been a long time since she left. Her brother was most probably worried sick about her.

"Ah... Oh..." Zhou Datou promptly replied to Yun Jian on behalf of others when he heard her.

Yun Jian then left without missing a beat.

Not that anyone stopped her.

She did not introduce herself just now to claim any merit. She had, after all, killed someone in public. Even if Hound was from Gu Sha Mercenaries, which she owned in her previous life, she still had to make a statement in the police station according to Country Z’s law when she killed somebody.

The main factor that prompted her to state her identity was because she did not want to make her way to the police station. Her brother, Yun Yi, was still waiting for her to go back. If she had gone back any later, he would be worried.

As for Hound, his death would not cause too much aftermath. Making a living in the field was basically walking between the line of life and death anyway.

It was just like Yun Jian being rebirthed to this body unexpectedly. It had been a long time since she appeared in public as the ace of secret agents, Slaying God. It did not mean anything nonetheless. Even if she was dead, it would only be news momentarily before she vanished from the world. Times were moving along and everchanging, especially the charts of assassins and secret agents, which were updated with new rankings at any time.

It was also just like Wolf Blade who ranked tenth on the assassin chart. Once his death was confirmed, the tenth place on the ranking would be replaced by someone else.

An impressive stature and identity were only fleeting.


Yun Jian left as she wished.

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There would be someone handling the follow-up work and aftermath of the crime scene and those were not of her considerations.

When Yun Jian walked back and saw Yun Yi and others at the side gate of Di Yi Senior High School that was some distance away from the factory, she went to them.

"Xiao Jian!"

Yun Yi felt his heart at his throat as he worried about his sister. When he waited for so long without hearing any explosion from the factory, his nerves calmed down gradually. Now that he saw her coming back, he could finally breathe in relief.

"Master!" Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi, and Ling Yichen ran over to her as well.

The moment all of them saw Yun Jian, relief washed over them.

Zhang Shaofeng went back to his usual antics as he spoke to Yun Jian with a teasing hint, "Master, what did you do going back? Did you go disarm the time bomb? Hah, you wouldn’t really, right?"

Zhang Shaofeng was just blabbing off his mind as it was puzzling why Yun Jian ran back just now.

When they thought that Yun Jian would not be answering since she kept quiet, she suddenly grinned with crinkled eyes and replied, "Yup."

Then, she turned and led the way home first.

The students who had fled from the school because of the incident had all gone home now. How would they dare stay around the area?

Yun Jian’s acknowledgment thus stupefied the only ones left, her friends.

Yun Jian was never one to engage in nonsensical chitter-chatter. Since she said yes to Zhang Shaofeng’s semi-joke just now, had she really gone to defuse the bomb?

By the time the bunch of them snapped out of their trance, they ran up to Yun Jian. "Hey, master, wait up!"

Yun Yi had only assumed that his sister was joking and felt comforted that she was so close with her friends.

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