The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 297 - I Know Everything About You

Chapter 297 - I Know Everything About You

Never in Qin Yirou’s dreams would it occur to her that the very reason she was unable to open her house door was because there were two people obstructing from the inside.

More precisely, Yun Jian was pressed against the door and f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y kissed by Si Yi.

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No matter how bold Yun Jian was, this was her first time especially hearing Qin Yirou who was just outside of the door. She pushed at Si Yi, gesturing for him to go upstairs.

On the contrary, the young man leaned in with a grin. He knew that Yun Jian would not make any sound as Qin Yirou was at the door, so he pressed a soft kiss on her cheeks.

His lips were cool to touch, causing Yun Jian’s cheeks to go several shades redder.

Finally, Si Yi went upstairs into his own room after much nudging from Yun Jian.

Yun Jian stopped blocking the door that Qin Yirou had been pushing and instead pulled the door open for her. The latter was just outside of it, jumping with a start when she saw Yun Jian appearing before her out of the blue.

"Xiao Jian, why are you standing by the door?" Qin Yirou asked casually.

"The door isn’t working very well so I came down to open it," Yun Jian answered without looking at Qin Yirou, her gaze averting sideways.

"Oh..." Qin Yirou believed her daughter anyway, coming through the door with some groceries.

Just as she entered, she noticed Yun Jian’s unusually red face.

Worried that her daughter might fall sick, Qin Yirou hurried to put a hand over her forehead muttering, "Xiao Jian, why’s your face so red? Have you got a fever? Come, let me feel your forehead for temperature."

"I’m fine, mom. The house is a bit warm. It’s just the heat," Yun Jian explained with a blush and excused herself to go upstairs.

Qin Yirou did not doubt her reply, heading happily to prepare dinner. The current life was very satisfactory. Her children were doing well, her job was unproblematic, there was no trouble like the past, she was genuinely pleased.

Just as Yun Jian got upstairs, she was pulled aside by Si Yi.

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"Stop... stop doing this..." Yun Jian quickly said, afraid that Si Yi would act strangely as he did to her just now. She was now behaving like an actual teenage girl. It was not like she hated what Si Yi did just now. Quite the opposite, she rather anticipated it.

She did not know what was wrong with her. Why was she acting like a naïve young girl and why was her heartbeat picking up in pace...

Si Yi chuckled lightly with a charming grin when he saw Yun Jian’s reaction.

"Mn, I’ll talk about some serious stuff," he said.

So he meant he would not be doing what he did just now? Yun Jian breathed in relief, pressing her lips and releasing them. The red glossy lips felt like a flaunt in front of Si Yi.

"Okay, go ahead," Yun Jian replied.

"Do you need my help with the Gu Sha Mercenaries?" Si Yi’s gaze was locked on Yun Jian who stood close to him. Her petite and attractive frame was constantly appealing to him.

The moment Yun Jian heard Si Yi mentioning Gu Sha, however, she felt her eyelids twitch, especially from what he meant.

She had never explicitly told Si Yi that she was the head of Gu Sha but why did he sound like he knew everything?

"What do you know?" There was a crease between Yun Jian’s brows as her pretty little face scrunched up.

Si Yi kept a mental image of her furrowing her brows in his mind, before placing his palm on her cheek and said something that baffled Yun Jian, "Nothing I want to know can escape me, so I know everything about you."

His words were ambiguous but Yun Jian jolted.

He knew everything?

More importantly, he knew everything about her?

To what extent?

To fact that she was Gu Sha’s boss or the fact that she was reborn?!

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